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By Donald B. Ardell - 11.04.14


Some folks of a religious persuasion have asserted that atheism is a religion. Hearing this, Bill Maher said, "If atheism is a religion, then abstinence is a sexual position." Similar analogies rebutting the jejune idea that non-belief could be a religion are out there, such as, “if ...

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NATO  1949: The origin of an offensive, expansionist, imperialist military alliance.

By Michael Faulkner - 11.09.14

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO, was launched sixty five years ago following the signature of the Atlantic Pact in 1949. The original member states that came together under US tutelage claimed that their alliance was dedicated to the preservation of peace and to the defence of Western Europe against the supposed threat of military aggression.  It is noteworthy that the launch of NATO coincided with the intensification of...

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By Loren Adams, 11.09.2014

Who deliberately violated his solemn oath to uphold the Constitution in his insatiable quest to gain political power? Who currently not only advocates voter suppression but engineers it all across the land? Who works hand-in-glove with the Koch brothers to destroy democracy, remaking America into a Third World oligarchy? Who served as the political guru commissioned to deceive the American people into war, engineered stolen national elections, personally 

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Shanghai Cooperation Organization - “Let A Thousand Poles Bloom”

By Conn Hallinan Sept. 29, 2014

At the very moment that the Americans and their allies are trying to squeeze Russia and Iran with a combination of economic sanctions and political isolation, alternative poles of power are emerging that soon may present a serious challenge to the U.S. dominated world that emerged from the end of the Cold War.

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Ebola and the GOP

By STEVEN JONAS MD, MPH - 11.04.14

An epidemic is sweeping the country. Congress - especially the GOP - is outraged. The Republican propaganda machine, especially Fox - and increasingly CNN - is going full blast with an ongoing headline basically blaring, "The Increasingly Incompetent President's Responsibility to do Something, now!", claiming dilly-dallying, shilly-shallying on the part of the White House, the CDC and what have you.

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By Harry Targ - 11.04.14

Excerpts from a commentary about the Ken Burns documentary, “The Dust Bowl,” September 24, 2014, Purdue Libraries

The Grapes of Wrath

John Steinbeck was one of the most prolific and, in my view, significant American novelists of the twentieth...

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Meat robots and the cure for conservatism.

By Iris Vander Pluym - 11.04.14

As a lifelong student of the deadly scourge known as "conservatism," I read with great interest a recent piece by Ezra Klein in Vox entitled Standing near hand sanitizer makes Americans more conservative. So what will Ebola do?. Klein reports on a growing mass of evidence that human social and political cultures are emergent properties of our responses to infectious disease threats—or "pathogen stress," as the fancy lib'rul eeleet perfessers like to call it. The gist of the theory is this: through all of human history, infectious diseases have been the single greatest threat to ..

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Get Out the Vote:  So the Illusion of Democracy Will Live On-Part I

By Mickey Walker  -11.09.14

By the time this piece goes to press, America, for better or worse, will have a newly elected majority of Republicans sitting in the US Senate.  Or at least that’s what the smart money, the boys in the back room say about how this 2014 off-year election will go down.  So how do they know?  Well there are several touchstones to tell us.  Litmus paper tests to tell which way the wind will blow, you know?  Polls they’re called.  The public will.  The voters’ choice.  And why not?  Ain’t that what democracy’s all about? 

15 Percent

Traces the pathway the Republican-Christian Alliance took, from historical reality to an all-too-predictable "dystopic future."


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