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By Mike Faulkner - 12.14.14

 “Cuba and the United States have quite a curious – in fact, unique status in international relations. There is no similar case of such a sustained assault by one power against another – in this case the greatest superpower against a poor, Third World country – for forty years of terror and economic warfare.”                                                                                                                                                                   Noam Chomsky. Rogue States: The Rule of Force in World Affairs. 2000.

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By Loren Adams  - 12.14.14

Mom often tried to soften the blow when innocent accidents befell us around the house, “Honey, don’t cry over spilt milk.”

The 2014 Mid-Terms, to a few centrists, are just “spilt milk” where Democrats and progressives shouldn’t be caught weeping over ominous losses. Another old admonishment from the Bush years, “Just move on,” is dusted off and served. “Can’t change damage done; so get over it.”

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The Big Chill: Tensions In The Arctic

By Conn Hallinan - 12.14.14

One hundred sixty eight years ago this past July, two British warships—HMS Erebus and HMS Terror—sailed north into Baffin Bay, bound on a mission to navigate the fabled Northwest Passage between the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. It would be the last that the 19th century world would see of Sir John Franklin and his 128 crewmembers.

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Ferguson Worked as Intended: For the Maintenance of the Doctrine of White Supremacy in the US

By Steven Jonas, MD, MPH - 12.05.14

The doctrine of white supremacy was invented in 17th century North America to justify the use and practice of slavery in the British colonies (and at the time not just limited to the south of what became the United States, but in all of them).  Just before the First US Civil War, the doctrine was well-summarized by Alexander Stephens, a Southern Unionist who later became Vice-President of the Confederate States of America under the arch-secessionist Jefferson Davis:

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Harry Targ - 11.17.14

“The numbers show a conservative blueprint for success: seven straight months of job growth with unemployment under 6 percent and a state that leads the nation in new manufacturing jobs. Plus, throw in tax cuts and a budget surplus for good measure” summarizing an interview with Governor Mike Pence. (David Brody, CBN News, “GOP Eyes Indiana’s Pence as Presidential Contender,”, June/Indianas-Gov-Pence-a-Presidential-Contender-For-2016/)

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Conscience, consumerism and cephalomugs.

By Iris Vander Pluym -12.14.14

‘Tis the season, my friends, when it is your patriotic duty to shovel your ever-diminishing dollars into the great big gaping maw of the capitalist imperialist white supremacist Christianist heteropatriarchy. Well, it is if we are to believe Wal-Mart and Target and Macy’s and storefront purveyors of conflict diamonds, anyway. But fret not! Iris is here to show you a better way: thrift shops.

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Get Out the Vote:  So the Illusion of Democracy Will Live On-Part II

By Mickey Walker - 12.14.14

Well, it happened.  The Republicans, the Tea Baggers, the Neocons, and the GOP (your choice) took control, as predicted.  The Senate went Republican in last November's election, alright.  Danged if they didn't increase their majority in the House, too.  All the campaign bucks to demonize President Obama in the last few years finally took effect.  Nice work, guys.  Kudos to Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers.  Your dollars and best efforts worked.  In spades.  It was a wipeout.  The Democrats should have just saved their money and sat at home.  Long live the Koch brothers.  It looks like the money wins again.  So who wins?  Corporations, especially the war ones, the Military Industrial Complex.  So we better get our borrowing and spending shoes on again.

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Religion and Science: Do One or Both Inform REAL Wellness?

by Donald B. Ardell, Ph. D. - 12.07.14


How are REAL wellness, religion and science alike - or different? Can a person be guided by all three or, or does one subject conflict with the others? Or, are all three incompatible or otherwise in conflict in significant ways?  The latter question is easiest to answer. REAL wellness and science do not conflict - there is no incompatibly.  A REAL wellness mindset and lifestyle, interpreted at this website and in other contexts by the author (I originated the phrase), is informed by science and shaped as an art form. R - standing for reason/evidence/rationality, is one of the four dimensions of REAL wellness. 

15 Percent

Traces the pathway the Republican-Christian Alliance took, from historical reality to an all-too-predictable "dystopic future."


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