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Liberals, Conservatives, and Other Metamorphic Mangling’s of the English Language

By Mickey Walker - 09.14.14

Remember when Liberal was a fine word with no hate or venom attached to its use?  I asked a friend the other day if he could remember when “Liberal” was something proudly attached to Baccalaureate Sheepskins?  He said sure, but could not remember when it all happened and caused the English language to adopt a new word with new meaning.  I confess that every time I see my own sheepskin on the wall I am a bit secretive and embarrassed to admit that I have a Bachelor of Arts degree.  I used to be proud of that word Liberal attached to the document, but it is not a big thing, really.

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Women Luminaries of Freethought

By Donald B. Ardell - 09.14.14


In a new book on WOs (Wellness Orgasms), Dr. Grant Donovan and I take note of the fact that many of the greatest minds in history offered a rational, WO-filled view of life. We believe the sheer number of luminaries who favor science over religion is encouraging to freethinkers. Perhaps, in time, reason will overtake faith. When and if that ever happens, our species will better appreciate and look after the Earth’s extraordinary natural wonders. What’s more, we all will better appreciate the wonder of our chance existence.

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MISOGYNY AND FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION: Time for more men to speak out.

By Michael Faulkner - 09.14.14

Discussion of female genital mutilation (FGM) has often been bedevilled by accusations of racism and Eurocentric insensitivity levelled against its critics.  Some years ago the well-known feminist writer and academic, Germaine Greer, accused those who wanted to outlaw the practice, of meddling in “traditions they didn’t understand.” Their hostility to FGM was, she said, “an attack on cultural identity.”  In similar vein, albeit rather more cautiously, a newspaper that considers itself to be on the revolutionary left recently tiptoed gingerly around the subject following  a widely supported campaign against the practice initiated by Fahma Mohamed, a seventeen-year old Bristol school-girl. She had gained over 250,000 signatures for a petition 

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Where’s Justice, America?

by Loren Adams, 9.14.2014

This theory sounds reasonable on surface: “Don’t upset the apple cart to extract a few bad ones. Keep the cart upright, because disrupting government at any level to prosecute high-profiles will only lead to future retaliation – further unsettling the country.” Nixon’s early-exit somehow haunts Democrats more than Republicans – only because they realize Republicans stick to an unending vendetta, despite the fact Nixon’s crimes against democracy were proven beyond a reasonable doubt (and on-tape, none-the-less).

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China & The U.S.: The Past’s Dead Hand

By Conn Hallinan on July 22, 2014

A major cause of current tensions in the East and South China seas are two documents that most Americans have either forgotten about or don’t know exist. But both are fueling a potential confrontation among the world’s three most powerful economies that is far more unstable and dangerous than most people assume.

Consider what has happened over the past six months:

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The Origin of the Self-Destructive Species (with apologies to Charles Darwin)

By Steven Jonas, MD, MPH,  - 09.04.14

A couple of months ago I saw the movie the “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” and published a review of it. In that review, I noted that among the levels on which the movie could be seen was as an essay in paleo-anthropology.  In the movie, a group of great apes (collectively known as the “Simians”) and a group of Homo sapiens are survivors of a world-wide, highly fatal infectious disease epidemic which the humans conveniently name the “Simian flu” (even though its origin was of human manufacture, to be experimented with on apes.)

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By Harry Targ - 09.03.14

Post-modernists talk about “discourses,” “narratives,” “tropes,” and verbal “deconstructions.” They should be commended for suggesting how words are used to mobilize, inspire, deceive, promote self-interest, and, too often, justify killing everywhere. Former Arkansas Senator, J. William Fulbright in describing how he was tricked by his old friend President Lyndon Baines Johnson to support a resolution authorizing escalating war in Vietnam said: “A lie is a lie. There is no other way to put it.”

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By Iris Vander Pluym - 09.14.14

[A version of this post was published at Secular Woman.]

I have long been interested in subverting the U.S. conservative movement, which I am certain is the root of all evil despite what you may have heard elsewhere. If you are not convinced of this proposition, consider for a moment precisely what it is that conservatives wish to conserve: a status quo that is violently racist and sexist, patriarchal and heteronormative, ubercapitalist and imperialist, ableist and classist, Christian supremacist and anti-intellectual, sadistically punitive and social-Darwinist—I could go on (and on and on).

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