Lies, Liars, and Commentators- the 2015 Presidential Debates and an America Afflicted with the Red Ass

Last night, October 28, 2015, the Republican presidential candidates engaged in what was said to be a “debate.”  More like a drunken brawl of interruptions, shouting, dodging issues, and gross belittling of each other and Hillary Clinton (who wasn’t even there).  A cousin of mine called to say how appalled he was that we Americans had reduced ourselves to acting like a nation of dumbass savages.  I enjoyed hearing him say that; I thought it was just me caught in this whirlpool of morons. But it is comforting to at least hear that I am not alone in shrinking back from terminal tirades of wrong-headed babble about what some profess to know about politics.  They do make a good case for believing the Democrats, but to do that would be just as dumbass.

The GOP rehearsed trash-talking points that plague Hillary and other Democratic candidates exploded on the stage of Republican candidates.  Remarkable how prolific these Neocon transmitters of crap can be so like a barnacle, stuck so tight to their messages.  You would think they are almost passionate, but passion does not play well in an empty brain or a heart devoted mostly to a perverted ego that is captured by “knowing” and devoid of feeling.  That state of mind, action, and purpose is the opposite of everything good about humankind.  It epitomizes a sick pleasure in lying, in duping your fellow man that generates a smile on your face (if you can relate to the perversion and bear my questionable use of the second person). 

Lies are always good as a tool for Black Hats, Oil Can Harry’s, and other such human deviants and shadows.  Like Nixon in 1970 when he found out Karl Rove had put thousands of paper fliers on car windshields in DC, saying that notable Democrats were hosting a party for the public where there would be free booze and girls.  Rove handed out thousands of fliers about this big lie, and later called it a “prank” he was sorry for.  But was he really?  Would Nixon have noticed Rove if he had not showed such ingenuity? This catapulted Rove to higher place in the party.  He had refined Joseph Goebbels’ philosophy, seamlessly.  And it defined the GOP as a party who supported dirty tricks and lies.  No wonder Nixon liked it.

Yes, indeed, it was true alright, that Rove’s creative lies to demonize the Democrats (without proof, of course) caught Nixon's fancy, and so he invited the young Rove to the White House for a friendly sit-down chat.  Rove’s career was about to skyrocket.  On the wings of a lie.  Joseph Goebbels would have been proud, I think.  And maybe Hitler found Goebbels, his new Propaganda Minister to be, perhaps in the same way Nixon found Rove, you think?  No one can say that Republicans are stupid, can one?

So here we go again near the eve of the next Presidential race.  Lies are flying like cow chips in a strong West Texas wind.   Earlier I had thought that Jeb Bush would be a shoo-in and very formidable to beat.  But golly gee, just look at him trailing miserably behind the Donald and Ben Carson in the polls.  What gives? 

Bush is more photogenic than his pipsqueak brother, the Decider.  He does not massacre the King’s English as good as W does, either.  He has a better IQ (anything upward of 92 is better, you know).  Jeb is a former Governor of Florida (quite a neat trick when the state is full of “blue hairs” (senior citizens who rely on government Social Security checks, and btw that spells Democrats, get it?).  So Jeb had to be doing something right, right?

As a young man he married Columba Bush, a Mexican national who he met in Mexico on a high school trip some 41 years ago.  That should sway thousands of undecided Spanish-American voters wouldn’t you think?  So why is Jeb lagging behind in the polls?  Who knows?  The Bushes have proven to be very powerful, considering that Grandpa Bush, Prescott got rich off of a deal with Germany’s richest man, Fritz Thyssen, to sell steel to Hitler for planes and tanks and bullets so the Fuhrer could kill, destroy, and terrorize the world for years.

But that was before Hitler invaded Poland, France, and Russia and played havoc with England with his V2 Rockets and Buzz Bombs. The fact seems to unravel that Bush and Fritz helped Hitler ascend to power, no question.  And that the present dynasty of Bushes, e.g., Jeb, et al, might all have been lobster fishermen from Maine, had not Prescott Bush been able to cut deals with the Germans.  Powerful family.  Another presidential win, a la Dubya’s in the 2000 Election should be no biggy for another Bush, eh?  Is Scalia still on the Supreme Court?  Thomas? 

I digress.  Sorry.  But back to lies and the GOP debate.  It is no secret that the Republicans have dogged the Clintons for years.  Funny, but nothing ever stuck.  No real charges.  No convictions.  And other than Bill’s Oval Office bj (that cost taxpayers millions) nothing has ever been proven.  Impeached, but no attempt to remove Bill from office?  What is that shit, America?

Nothing to see with the Whitewater probe, not drugs in Arkansas, not Benghazi.  Nothing sticks.  Yet the GOP trolls fuss, and snort, and fuss, as though they got a scent of something real.  They didn’t then.  And still ain’t.  A couple of weeks ago, even the Republican “shoo-in” House Speaker to be, Kevin McCarthy, was chopped off at the knees to be anointed as Speaker by his fellow Republicans.  Why?  Shoot, he was the sitting GOP House Majority Leader and all.  Well, McCarthy said something that was not judged to be politically correct by his own party.  He said that the Benghazi incident where 4 Americans were killed by terrorists was a “hit-job” against Hillary Clinton, the acting Secretary of State at the time. And that Republicans needed to stop worryin’ that bone.  The Republicans wasted no time getting McCarthy’s ass excised off the Speaker selection list, post haste.  Hello, Paul Ryan.  McCarthy elected to tell the truth, and paid dearly for his transgression against the GOP propensity to propagate lies.  Especially since Hillary happens to be the Democrats’ front-runner in the presidential polls.  Maybe a little more than coincidence.  You think?

The lies, the GOP talking points that ramble down dead end roads, the trashing of opposition, are slap-out beginning to give American voters a case of the Red Ass. 

Now, in South East Texas, the Red Ass is a real disease that seems to the afflicted person to be quite terminal.  But it just feels that way.  Long ago, my brother who contracted a case of the Red Ass ever now and then, said, the Red Ass just feels like it’s going to kill you, but it won’t.  The good thing, he said, is that it just feels that way.  But it ain’t fatal.  I think we all have experienced a case the Red Ass before when somebody, a political party, or an event mentally knocked us to the dirt and ground its sandy heel in our jaw.

My Dad knew these sayings well, but he was a bit milder in his usage of them.  For instance, whenever he got a case of the Red Ass, he said he had the “Roses.”  Roses?  How quaint, I used to think.  How beautifully prickly.

Another expression that coined a case of the Red Ass or Roses down in Deep East Texas was whenever you got a case of the “Choo-Roo-Doos.”  I surmised that the C-R-D was the Red Ass in spades.  It took longer to say and was easy to slur and inflect.  And if you got a case of it, you bought the whole store, not just a sampling.

So toward the end of the Republican Debate, I felt a case of the Choo-Roo-Doos coming on when Jim Cramer, noted financial advisor and TV host of “Mad Money,” asked Dr. Ben Carson a simple question.  It was, “Do you feel that the pharmaceutical companies are taking unfair advantage of the American people by arbitrarily raising, sometimes even doubling the price of drugs necessary to sustaining human life?”  It was a simple question.  Carson responded by doing a soft-shoe and waffling a bit as if dancing carefullly around the question instead of stepping in it.  He turned down his volume and said something about how for over 50 employees, a company had to spend $34,000.00 for research, as though it was okay to screw the American consumer dependent upon the drugs to keep on grinning and bearing the unholy drug price hikes by Big Pharma.  Say what? And to exude “Doublespeak” bullshit and call it a real answer to Cramer’s simple, but tough question.  As if his little detours of just answering the damned question had meaning.  It did not.  Nobody knew the good doctor was talking about.  Like, WTF did he say?  And why did his pants suddenly catch on fire?

Shows how much Dr. Ben Carson, the new GOP leader in the polls, cares about the Americans he wants to serve and their pocketbooks.  But he had to lie.  He had to waffle.  What else could he do?  Tell the truth?  That would cost him, wouldn’t it?  On all fronts.  Goes to show how even soft-spoken, eloquent, educated men must dance with the Tar Baby, sooner or later.  And it ain’t pretty.

As for the moderators, well they were sorry-assed, too.  They butted in, talked over the candidates, and pissed-off the audience which loudly booed their questions many times. Two great Texas ladies, Molly Ivins and Ann Richards used humor to defuse and disarm assholes who pretend to be candidates for office and their foot-and-mouth disease moderator/questioners.  One of them Texas gals (caint remember which one) said that sometimes politicians step on their dick.  And that sometimes it goes from bad to worse.  How?  Well sometimes they just keep on stompin’ on it. 

Like the time Clayton Williams, after a Texas gubernatorial debate, thinking he was talking in private to Ann Richards, forgot that a mic was still turned on.  So he trash-talked Ann to her face, right on the stage, camera rolling and all, and the world got to see the dark side of Clayton Williams.  Instantly, everybody knew him for the trash-talker he was.  He was supposed to win and sit in the Governor’s chair in Austin.  But truth cost him the election.  Ann won, of course.  Because Claytie Williams not only stepped on his dick, he kept on stompin’ on it. 

And so it was with the 3 moderators of the 3rd Republican Debate for president.  They stepped on their dick at the get-go and then kept on stompin’ on it.  Gag me with a spoon.  If sucky candidates ain’t enough, just give us stupid questioners who ramble and talk over the candidates so we caint hear anybody.  Sheesh.