A "Junkie" is "one who has an insatiable interest or devotion." A “Political Junkie” is thus "one who has an insatiable interest in or devotion to politics.”  For our journal, The Political Junkies for Progressive Democracy, however, that interest and devotion is not to just any sort of politics.  Our great nation is at an historical cross-road, similar in some ways to that which faced us before the First Civil War.  Then the battle, first civil then military, was between the Slave Power and those which wanted to eliminate or at least contain the expansion of the “peculiar institution.”  Today the battle is between the Corporate Power and its drive for profits and the unlimited accumulation of wealth at any cost, and those forces that support what might be called “social capitalism.” This is a combination of the capitalist system as it is practiced in Western Europe with the traditions of the New Deal, for the benefit of all.  The way to achieve this politically is what we call “Progressive Democracy,” to the promotion of which is our webmagazine devoted.



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