Random Meanderings and Other Meaningless Talking Points: PART II

Whenever a party or a people begin a campaign against another party or candidate, brace yourself.  Especially if massive amounts of bucks are behind the campaign.  Let the talking points begin.  In this great American pastime called a campaign for public office, all is fair.  And the name of the game is how much money are you willing to spend to make your (talking) point.  Everything is fair.  Propaganda is king.  Lies are even better.  Bald-faced lies, the best.  Including the darkest, most harmful lies you can muster against a person who morphs into the enemy.  The mere existence of “talking points” means that a big lie or even a little one is not far behind the topic of discussion to fuel the fire.  Like for instance, when the tragedy of 911 saw the Twin Towers and a part of America crumble down, Bush needed an enemy post haste.  Osama bin Laden and his world terrorist organization, al Qaeda, quickly came to fill the bill.  Head of al Qaeda, bin Laden had trained terrorist groups in Afghanistan to attack Americans and American bases and ships all over the world.  Within hours the Bush Administration was looking to blame and bomb someone.  Osama bin Laden was the supreme terrorist on earth at the time.  Perfect.  And he even admitted to being the cause of the 911 tragedy.  Imagine that!

Bush charged all the lieutenants in his Cabinet to get something on Saddam Hussein dictator of Iraq.  Wait.  What’s that got to do with 911 and Osama bin Laden?  Nothing.  No matter.  Iraq would make a better target than most, according to Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense.  Say what?!!!  Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein all but hated each other and could never have collaborated on the dark plan that brought down the World Trade Center buildings in New York.  But the Bush Administration would not have it.  “Find me something on Iraq!”  Bush told all his staff.  Duh.  Whatever.  Bush all but told them to make it up if you have to.  Not to worry about whether Iraq was guilty in the slightest part to the 911 attack Forget that, just find something on Iraq!  But Richard Clarke, senior advisor on terrorism, said that Iraq was not to blame.  Forget that, too, and trivialize him in some obscure other way with more “talking points” as part of the scheme to attack and occupy Iraq.  If we get caught lying, don’t worry.  A presidential pardon or commuting a sentence of one of our operatives (if convicted) will work wonders, you silly Liberals who would attack our credibility, our truths, or our talking points.  So back off or suffer the agony of a country that wants revenge and doesn’t give a shit about truth anymore.  Back off.  That silly Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks, saying she is ashamed Bush is from Texas.  Well, I never.  She better watch it or us Billy Bobs will run over her CDs in our pickup trucks.

So bring on the talking points.  Never mind the logic.  Or truth.  The American people need to be avenged.  With no fear, G.W. Bush in his state of the union address said that Saddam Hussein had been trying to buy enriched uranium from ‘Africa.’  Reminded you of Henry VIII or Attila the Hun.  Not so said British intelligence findings.  That piece of intelligence claiming such was proven to be bogus, so said the British.  But never mind.  The American people wanted blood, and President Bush was going to give it to them if it had a rag on its head.  Never mind stupid-ass Joe Wilson either.  Forget that he flew to Niger to disprove what Bush said about Iraq trying to buy yellow cake Uranium from Niger.  And as for Joe Wilson, we’ll fix his wagon.  Maybe throw someone in his family under the bus if he gives us any crap.  How Mafia-esque.  But who will know and who will ever find out?  We are the Executive Branch.  And we are Unitary.  We are bulletproof.  And to prove our point, just try to convict any of us of ruining our story and our talking points.  A presidential pardon or commuting a sentence of our operatives (if convicted) will work wonders, you silly Liberals who would attack our credibility, our truths, or our talking points.  So back off or suffer the agony of a country that wants revenge and doesn’t give a shit about truth anymore.  Back off.

So we did attack Afghanistan and the Taliban because they did in fact provide shelter and training camps for al Qaeda terrorists.  But for good measure, we turned around and attacked Iraq.

The talking points flowed like the Mississippi out of its banks:

GW Bush and his Cabinet said we needed to attack Iraq because they were in cahoots with Osama bin Laden, and Saddam Hussein had nukes pointed at American cities!  Colin Powell spoke before the United Nations for legitimacy, to show the world......wait for it................artists’ drawings of proof of Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction facilities and other forms of circumstantial evidence lame as a 3-legged goat. And we attacked Iraq! I never was for attacking Iraq, and now I and the rest of the world get to think about what we did, but only if we care. Oh, but we brought freedom and democracy to Iraq, right? Yeah, right!  Those were as much a part of the early talking points as “shock and awe.”  We occupied Iraq for almost 9 years as Americans lost their lives in the combat service of their country to the tune of 4,484. A hundred thousand of our uniformed soldiers were severely wounded, and over 1.45 million Iraqis were killed.  So what do we and the world have to show for it?  That man is still a monster?

By the time we attacked Iraq in early 2003 our National Debt was at 6.7 Trillion Dollars!

9 years later in 2013 our National Debt is over $16 Trillion Dollars!

What happened? Bush ground his heel in Iraq and Afghanistan for 8 years and added another 4 Trillion dollars to our National Debt.  God must have truly been on our side against the Sunnis and Shiite Muslims for us to stoop to borrowing and spending to fight our (holy) wars and to kill people, innocents that never harmed us.

Did Obama and his financial advisors and Congress double our debt in little over 3 years of his first term as president? No way. First Grade arithmetic tells us how to add and subtract. Something else did cause it, though, and those who are not interested in political talking points of either side must look at the long hard truth of what happened.  We assumed the role of dumbasses and sold out our country to someone who in a frenzy convinced us by the most elaborate talking points to trash the Constitution and borrow and spend our taxpaying selves into a hopeless corner of no return.  But you can bet al Qaeda liked it when we deposed Saddam Hussein.  They got a free reign to do their worst in Iraq now.  Yes, Virginia, we may not have brought democracy to Iraq, but we dang sure brought al Qaeda.

Let me state at this point that I have totally withdrawn support for either party because I think they both lie to us. And because I am about to look at the numbers of dollars spent under Bush II with his Congress that would allow him to spend OFF BUDGET $4 Trillion Dollars to defeat Saddam Hussein and the terrorists in Afghanistan, I am not against conservative Republicans (if anybody can find one in this year of 2013). I like the idea of conserving resources, making do with little rather than more, but when a GOP candidate for president runs as a traditional conservative and racks up an additional $4 Trillion dollars to our National Debt in 8 years as president, it gives me pause. Yes, Virginia, we did borrow and spend a cool $4 Trillion by the end of Bush II 8 years as president!  On what?  Well, we had to attack and occupy Iraq for almost 9 years! Oh really, why? Well they are part of the Axis of Evil, Bush II told us. So the hell what, you might ask? So is Russia (who by the way now has a 2 Trillion dollar surplus plus natural resources of oil, timber, gold, copper, etc. that would supply them and most of the world for another 100 years!) So why didn’t we attack and occupy Russia? Or China? Or North Korea? Pakistan? Iran? Darfur? I mean, many of these countries are sadistic in their disregard for human rights. They too, tortured their people (which was one of our new talking points after the Bush administration couldn’t find and WMDs in Iraq)!!!!!!

But that little venture and sad part of our history of attacking and occupying Iraq cost us another $4 Trillion which when you add it to Reagan’s $3 Trillion borrowed and spent is a cool $7 Trillion Dollars! Almost HALF OF OUR NATIONAL DEBT. Half!!!  We bogged down in talking points that we needed to keep America safe by attacking any and every country in the Middle East that our talking points propaganda could ruin.

Will the REAL Big Spenders please stand up?

It is totally queer that some conservative talk show hosts and politicians will NEVER bring up our borrowing and spending atrocities against the American people!  Where are the talking points on that largest drain of all on the Treasury?  Sean Hannity?  Rush Limbaugh?  O’Reilly?  McCain?  Sarah Palin?  Mitch McConnell?  John Boehner?  Paul Ryan?  Anyone?  Still think the Liberals, the illegal Mexicans, the gays and the abortionists are to blame?  Speak up.  Anyone want to show some outrage at all the Military Industrial Complex whores that charge $1.2 Million per copy of all Tomahawk Missiles sold to the U.S. government under a NO-BID contract?  No comment?  Cat got your tongue, Rush?  Imagine that. 

Don’t hold your breath.  As long as these well-heeled clarions of the Right and the Military Industrial Complex establishment can charge whatever the NO-BID market contract will bear, why should they bother themselves with honesty and something as useless as honor when there are big bucks to be stolen?  And don’t ever fret about catching hell from Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, or Rick Perry. 

So who is there amongst us to care about us if big corporations are gouging and trouncing the taxpayers who foot the bills?  Or does America exist just for their avarice and the people be damned?

Our $15 Trillion National Debt is the whole reason America has got a grim future to look at for us and our kids. And those of us who pause to count, know this. And shudder! I would have been okay with Halliburton buying a hammer at Wal-Mart for $12.50 and charging Uncle Sam $25.00 or a 100% profit. But charging $500.00 per hammer stinks. It is a felony of the highest order.  And the branch of government that pays that bill without rejecting it as too high is just as guilty of a felony, punishable by imprisonment!  And though some of this might be an exaggerated amount, it is too close not to wonder the American taxpayer fell and hit his head or what?!!!!  And what of those blasted Big-Spending Democrats?  Oh, those talking points have become old hat all of a sudden?  It does happen.  People do get burnt out after a while.

I expected better out of conservatives. And that does not mean that I am pro-Democrats.  I tried to tell a cousin eat up with political dumbass that. But he must have forgotten because out of the blue the other day I got an email from him, asking me “what do you think of your president now?” I wrote back, “What president?  Whose president?  Not mine.” The Democrats have exhibited since 3 years ago that they too, love the gravy train of borrowing and spending money our battered country does not have. But to say they were the only cause what with their social and welfare programs is to overlook the cold math of reality and history. Sure they were a major cause what with Food Stamps, Social Security and Medicare , but will somebody please tell me why it is okay for avowed Conservatives to borrow and spend almost HALF as much money as the Democrats under just the presidencies of Reagan and Bush II? Don’t the conservatives know that it will have to be paid back? That a day of reckoning, a day of accountability, always comes? Do they think we will never have to pay the Piper?  Will all the money in the world buy all the necessary talking points to convince us that everything is okay?

How about a show of hands on all who believe that they will never get any benefits out of Social Security?  Most everybody believes this popular talking point despite the fact that Social Security is funded from people still working and is not projected to run out of money until the year 2038.  http://www.cepr.net/index.php/blogs/social-security-monitor/

Hmmm.  Them talking points work good, don’t they?  Wonder who paid for that one?