Who Would Jesus Do?

by Loren Adams, 7 August 2011 Right now the U.S. is on the verge of default. Mom and Dad told us what it was like during the Great Depression, but soon we may experience it for ourselves. The debt ceiling was raised dozens of times during Republican administrations, but somehow it’s different now that a Democrat sits in the Oval Office, especially a black one. So, the self-righteous Republicans destroy the nation for political gain. What else is new? That’s the way hypocrites behave.

The current Republican contenders claim they have direct access to God. Is this a joke? I nearly believe we’ve arrived at a bizarro world where everything is turned upside down. Texas Governor Rick Perry holds a state-sponsored prayer conference, Michelle Bachmann claims God commanded her to be President, Mitt Romney wears church-issued magical underwear, and the Tea Party says God wants them to shut the U.S. Government down. Who are these people?

It depends on one’s definition of “God.” Is God’s nature one of wrath or love? Republicans go for the “W” while liberals go for the “L”. Republicans are always fearful of demasculinizing Jesus into a weak, feminine character that feeds the hungry, cares for the sick, turns the other cheek, and focuses on the poor, etc. They prefer the Jesus of Revelation riding a white horse to slay millions at the Valley of Meggido.

The Republican Jesus carries a pistol in his holster, believes everyone else should too, and has zero tolerance for free-loaders and welfare queens. Rightwing Jesus is white and blonde with blue eyes (although born in the Middle East to Jewish parents).

It started with fundamentalist Bush claiming to have direct communication with God to be President, then to bomb the hell out of the Middle East while, as a result, destroying the U.S. economy. One could blame Bush for the nation’s fall, but wasn’t God at fault for ordering Bush to make all these mistakes? No, Bush was using God as a prop to commit political treason; Karl Rove wasn’t only “W’s” brain, but his God.

Remember when Bush claimed he received direct orders from God to bomb Iraq?

Would Jesus have bombed Baghdad?

Bush claimed he KNEW Iraq had WMD and was preparing to use them against the U.S., its allies, and neighbors. Since GW supposedly had a direct line to God, would Jesus have not informed him that no WMD existed in Iraq? Would Jesus have used deceit to influence a nation to go to war? A series of unjustified wars that led the U.S. to depression?

The crimes of the century were committed right in the White House, but no one seems to care, and Obama’s boy (Eric Holder) refuses to prosecute.

Would Jesus lie to get his way?

Would Jesus kill for revenge? Or to steal someone else's property?

Would Jesus make war against another country without provocation and without moral grounds?

Would Jesus treat working people and the poor with contempt and drive their incomes down while enriching the obscenely wealthy?

Would Jesus pray publicly to make a show of his religiosity in order to increase political power? Or would he pray in secret where only his Heavenly Father listens?

Would Jesus issue ultimatums, threats, intimidation, and coercion to have his way?  Or would he use love to overcome adversity.

Would Jesus claim to be “compassionate” while exploiting the poor, destroying Medicare and Social Security, busting unions, demanding lower wages for ordinary folk, and putting the tax burden on the middle and lower classes?

Would Jesus cause the deaths of millions as payback for an unsubstantiated threat against his daddy years before?  Or would he say, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”?

Would Jesus jack up the price for prescription drugs for the elderly to pad the pockets of the rich?

Would Jesus not care about the environment, the forests, endangered species, man-made climate change, clean air & water?

Would Jesus lie, cheat, steal, kill, commit insider trading, and live the life of a hypocrite?

Would Jesus impugn the patriotism of another who fought valiantly in a war and was nearly killed saving his friends? (Swiftboaters)

Would Jesus need to lie about others to make himself look good?

Would Jesus rob from the poor to give to the rich?

There’s nothing today about the mean Republican spirit resembling Jesus Christ. More like Pharisees, they stone the prostitute (with whom they just had intercourse), rob from the poor, and give all stolen wealth to the top two percent.

"In as much you do to the least of these, you've done it unto me" – Jesus Christ, Matthew 25:45