KARL ROVE, America’s Josef Goebbels

After George Bush’s retirement, many hoped his political guru would do the same. Unfortunately, “Turd Blossom” Rove, the architect and “brain” of Bush’s career, had no intention of fading. He now has the WMD “Citizens United” USSP decision which he uses skillfully to accumulate millions from anonymous corporate donors to unseat Democrats, which was partially accomplished in 2010. Rove’s organization, American Crossroads, raised $200 million in one month before 2010 Mid-terms – in undisclosed corporate cash. Ordinary citizens may only donate up to $2,400 per candidate, but corporate money is unlimited and untraceable – thanks to George Bush’s Supreme Court appointees. [The legacy of the damned continues.]

Karl Rove was instrumental in selling America six fraudulent elections and two wars – made possible by his stealthy intrigue. In the previous century, Josef Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, was successful in deceiving Germany into embracing totalitarianism, exterminating the Jews, and waging war against the world. The common characteristics in both are an insatiable desire to deceive and a psychopathic disorder so immoral the deaths of millions fail to register on their well-vacuumed consciences.

Josef Goebbels was indispensable to the rise and fall of the Third Reich. Karl Rove was indispensable to George W. Bush’s advent which led to the decline of the United States. Both will live in infamy.

Unlike former political advisers in U.S. history, Karl Rove was authorized to manipulate world events, military conflicts, terrorist alerts, and the timing of each to advance his boss. Even Josef Goebbels did not wield as much leverage. How could a consultant be given so much power? Because Rove was the avenue on which George Bush came to power and remained for eight years. Without Karl Rove, George Bush would have continued a mediocre business career in Texas. Rove saw Bush as a ticket to fame and, thus, rode the family name piggyback to the White House.

Rove’s tactics are renowned. His planting of false evidence to confuse investigations is well-documented in the DVD and book BUSH’S BRAIN.

We all strongly desire truth but must be careful not to grab what appeals to our preconceived notions of where it rests. Opportunists, like Rove, take advantage of the soft spot (thirst for truth) by creating misleading images, forgeries, and counterfeits that produce instant gratification, but in the long run cause dismissal of the entire package – which is the ultimate aim.

Events, associations and timing suggest Karl Rove was behind the January 2, 2001, break-in of the Niger Embassy in Rome and subsequent forgery constructed on stolen official stationery that was crucial in the selling of the Iraq Invasion. It is known that Karl Rove’s friend, Michael Ledeen organized a meeting in Rome in December 2000 to gather evidence to support the planned war. Ledeen was Karl Rove’s foreign policy advisor and is strongly suspected of being part of the Niger Embassy burglary in Rome where only government stationery and seals were lifted – material that was then used to forge documents implicating Saddam Hussein in the purchase of high-grade uranium from that African nation.

The masters of machinations are still in business. The pattern is the focus of this piece for the sake of forecast. Momentary waves are inaccurate predictors of the future, but underlying currents are. The pattern of deceit by unscrupulous right-wing political operatives, such as Karl Rove, Josef Goebbels and Frank Luntz, are the catalysts.

What are their goals?

To reshape America in the form it held during the Robber Baron era – where there were no social programs while obscenely rich moguls maneuver to funnel all wealth into the hands of the ruling class. In essence, when the political operatives’ aims are complete, it will mean the reinstitution of slavery. If the movement cannot outsource American industry, it leaves the borders open for illegals to snatch what jobs remain.... at lower and lower wages. NAFTA, CAFTA, and all other such trade agreements are simply methods to destroy the middle-class, abolish collective bargaining, and uproot the nation's economic base. Republicans are notorious for abandoning international treaties which protect us while embracing foreign treaties that destroy us.

Gov. Scott Walker is just one of Rove’s recent trophies. If not for Karl Rove’s AMERICAN CROSSROADS which funneled millions into Walker’s campaign, there wouldn’t have been the plan to abolish collective bargaining for public sector unions – a central goal hatched by Rove years ago in his quest to make Republic rule permanent. In brief, Walker is not the originator; Karl Rove is.

What are their military aims?

To remake America into a military empire where outsourced mercenary forces do the bidding of the ruling elite by subduing competitive nations (and destroying them if they defy America's superiority). Read PNAC's documents. They are far more shocking than at first glance. Nations that even hint of competing against America commercially are to be attacked preemptively – according to PNAC's blueprint. So, even if a country does not have a substantial military but competes against the U.S. economically, the rightwing US military is obligated to take them out.

Notice Republican leniency towards China vs. intolerance of Cuba. As long as Communist China is furnishing American corporations slave labor and cheap products, they're fine. But Cuba is different; it’s unwilling to appease corporate giants up north, thus the embargo 50+.

To use whatever means (legal & illegal) to subvert democracy in the U.S.; to undermine opposing parties; to marginalize and frame the opposing party as "unpatriotic," "un-Christian," and "un-American"; to character assassinate opponents and to assassinate them literally if the initial fails; to manipulate the nation into one-party rule so their other aims can proceed unimpeded. Obama doesn’t have a prayer unless he starts to recognize enemy traits and tactics. (But I solemnly doubt he has the will to perceive clearly due to his long-embedded nature of compromise, concessions, and consensus. His blindness is leading to our death.)

Karl Rove is the political guru behind this movement's rise to power with only a brief recess of Democratic majority. Without his deceptions, dirty tricks, lies and outsourced subversive tactics, America wouldn't be where it is today. Pandora's Box has been opened. Karl Rove initiated "Swift-Boat Veterans for Truth." Rove was the person who instigated the smear campaign in South Carolina 2000; against Max Cleland in Georgia 2002; redistricting Texas and recalling in California; and deposing Dan Rather while at the same time winning in 2004. He is the force behind the 2010 Mid-terms – raising millions of corporate, undisclosed money to resurrect the party that drove America in the ditch. Outing CIA Agent Valerie Plame as an act of vengeance for her husband’s role in exposing George Bush’s fabricated war has Rove’s signature all over it.

But somehow he manages to avoid prosecution and isn’t even called on the carpet for failing to appear for a congressional subpoena. Patrick Fitzgerald stopped short of Rove, settling for the fall guy, Scooter Libby. Who got to Fitzgerald?

Then Eric Holder, Obama’s Attorney General, doesn’t have the courage to prosecute traitors from the regime of the damned. Obama is only concerned about WikiLeaks because it exposed criminal activity in Washington, not the crimes nor the real criminals. Karl Rove gets off scot-free while America suffers from his dastardly deeds – endless wars and never-ending poverty.

There are many more characters in the movement who have served despicable roles.... Jack Abramoff, Ralph Reed, Tom DeLay, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, John Bolton, Bill Kristol, Newt Gingrich – all right-wing, about 200 white men in all, including members of PNAC and AEI. And let's not forget the roles of billionaires Richard Mellon Scaife, the Koch brothers (David & Charles), and Rupert Murdoch – who funded and founded right-wing "think-tanks" and "news" fronts which seed false information and provide the movement its momentum on into the 21st century. The Tea Party is just a sample of their creation. They are bitter, angry white men with an agenda to push us back to the Dark Ages. Rove and Luntz are just their employees.