Pastor Perry's Plan to Rouse God from Inaction, the Better to Help America and Perhaps the Pastor's Run for the Republican Nomination

Never mind details concerning separation of church and state - the fearless governor has set another day of prayer, this one for August 6 in partnership with the American Family Association at a stadium in Houston. 

There will be fasting, praying and bible reading and no doubt some whooping and hollering and flag waving. Every governor in the country has been invited to attend. All have been asked by Rev. Perry to proclaim their own shout outs to Jesus ir order to rescue the nation and world from disasters economic and natural, social and spiritual, not to mention saving us from terrorism, the debasement of our Christian culture and ObamaCare.

So far, God has done squat to help out in any of these realms, so the governor wants a big show and a lot of prayer energy sent skyward to get God off the dime, so to speak. 

The day will be modeled after a similar event described in the Book of Joel, so bring your slaves, goats and miracle requests and help the governor speed up the healing of the country, the rebuilding of communities and restoring those enduring values that somehow have not endured so well, whatever they might be. 

Never mind the naysayers who want to spoil the fun, like the head of the Secular Coalition for America, who said, "The last thing our officials should do in times of national struggle is promote a divisive religious event that proposes no real solutions to our country's real-world problems." The godless heathen Sean Faircloth went so far as to suggest that the governor's selfless call was "an insult to the millions of upstanding citizens who practice religions other than evangelical Christianity, as well as the millions of secular Americans who contribute to society without pushing their views on others and that religion should be a private matter, especially for elected officials in a secular government."

Well, what else would you expect from infidels and Pastafarians? 

Even more upsetting, a minister of the cloth, one Welton Gaddy, said Perry's call "raises serious concerns about his commitment to the boundaries between religion and government. It has been my experience that when elected leaders invoke religion in this way, it almost always has more to do with furthering a political agenda than a religious one."

Another nitpicker! What malcontents. Imagine suggesting that this sincere call to the faithful could in any way be associated with Rev. Perry's attempt to woo social conservatives. How cynical these blasphemers are. 

Many if not all our great Republican god-fearing governors will support the event, particularly Bobby Jindal in Louisiana, Haley Barbour in Mississippi, Bob Riley in Alabama, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, Rick Scott in Florida, Nikki Haley in South Carolina and Christine Gregoire in Washington. In fact, all these governors already have.

It's going to be a great day for Jesus in Houston - and maybe throughout the whole wide world. Maybe it will be good for Pastor Perry, too. Not that this is of any concern to him, however. 

For a smart summary of the event, watch this short video -  It's a commentary on the event from the Rev. Barry Lynn entitled, "I'm not a Cowboy." It kind of puts things in perspective.