Justice Delayed - Justice Denied

When are the war criminals and treasonous perpetrators of false wars going to trial? The millions of lives lost, the trillions from the treasury, the loss of national prestige, and economic collapse brought to us by these thieves … Where’s justice? Meanwhile echoing in the hallowed halls of the sacred Reagan Library, Republicans applaud deafeningly the execution of innocents and guilty alike in Perry’s gallows. Yet the true Texas crooks go free – George W., Turdblossom Rove, and Halliburton’s Cheney.

Cheney will never face justice, at least not in this life. He'll die first of a bad heart, literally and figuratively.  A stable national image means more to the White House for all time than serving justice to any of their elite. [Is that also true of Tony Blair’s Britain?]

How did Cheney avoid justice? Firstly, rightwingers are combative defenders of their own. Secondly, leftwingers will never pursue justice against high-profile opponents, much less defend their own successfully against barbs from the hateful right. They have no guts. Thus, America is caught in a vice between the brainless and the balless. Washington's gridlock is a manifestation of a deeper schism in this nation. The historic fault lines are in motion again, and we are all feeling the tremors. Gridlock’s victims are ‘We the People.’

The right is successful only because they are determined. Like a rock. Plus they're full of religion, albeit the hateful derivative, which fuels the movement.

The left is a failure only because it is undetermined and indecisive. Like a wet noodle. Plus it has no set moral charity to give its politics authority. The left has no religion, per se, just an ambiguous acceptance, a situational ethical standard never certain.

The other side is a false cult. They base decisions on myths set by skewed tradition and corrupt corporate influence. But fallacy is no factor; perseverance overcomes defective product. It's proven over 4 decades of American politics. Rove knows it; why don’t Democrats?

One side is based on facts and logic. But truth is no guarantee to success in today's climate. Lack of tenacity defeats good intentions. If only we had a Truman, Rogers, or Roosevelt leading the charge. But we don't. Our leaders capitulate and wave the white flag before the actual battle begins. There is no voice of strong reason, no one to speak truth to power. (Anthony Weiner did but got caught playing with his. Democratic leaders capitulated; rightwingers celebrated.)

We’re stuck betwixt meanies & wienies.

We waited and waited for our Knight in Shining Armor to rescue us from the Evil Empire of the Right.... only to be sorely disappointed when that Knight turned on us in quest of acceptance from enemies determined to destroy him (and us). We've been thrown under the bus for the sake of an attempt.... an attempt to persuade the Right of its evil ways and appeal to their better angels (which they have none) to come to the table in good faith and compromise to achieve solutions. We told our Knight over & over it wouldn't work. But he refused to listen. Now we're in pickle.

Justice denied will lead America further down the path to decline. Failure to counteract the Bush era’s errors will certainly lead to Depression, followed by fascism leading to civil unrest and a Third World America. One evil begets another if not corrected along its stream. Obama has refused to correct; so, America proceeds down that path.