Want to be Happy, Well and Free? Accept That Life Is Meaningless and You’ll be on Your Way

Introduction: Embracing Meaninglessness

The first step on the road to REAL wellness is to give up any thought that your life has been ordained as part of some mysterious grand plan. It hasn’t!

Seekers of wellness orgasms, or WOs, embrace the knowledge that their life has occurred by pure genetic chance. It was never meant to be, it just happened.

People who experience multiple WO’s understand the chance nature of their existence and the freedom they have to determine their personal path through life without any fear or reference to kings, queens, despots or gods. In the opening words of a masterful speech entitled Improved Man (1891), Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-1899) offered this observation on liberty and royalty:

The improved Man will be in favor of universal liberty -- that is to say, he will be opposed to all kings and nobles, to all privileged classes. He will give to all others the rights he claims for himself. He will neither bow nor cringe, nor accept bowing and cringing from others. He will be neither master nor slave, neither prince nor peasant -- simply man.

He will be the enemy of all caste, no matter whether its foundation be wealth, title or power, and of him it will be said: ‘Blessed is that man who is afraid of no man and of whom no man is afraid.’

Advantages of Accepting Meaninglessness

Meaninglessness is liberating. It frees us from the stifling need to conform to the drudgery of daily life. It quiets the incessant ranting of religious types who believe worship of invisible gods today guarantee a heaven-filled life tomorrow. Details of life after death in Valhalla or paradise by any name are not available.

The stupidity of this idea, in the face of overwhelming data supporting life as an accident, is without parallel and consigns the intimidated to a shadowy life of obedience. This constitutes a state so far from REAL wellness, it could form its own black hole.

WO seekers embrace meaninglessness because it eliminates the need to achieve, follow deities, worry about mistakes, care what others think or be stressed by daily living. No need, either, to give part of what you earn to support parson or priest, archbishop of pope.

Embracing meaninglessness builds a welcome sense that anything is possible but little is critical. It brings to ever-conscious awareness that life is a short journey, where choice over what you think is the greatest health enhancer, even if you were born, by chance, into a negative social or physical environment.

So our advice is to stop worrying. You are here by chance and time really is of the essence while still alive. It’s a choice you have to make: Resign to worry and to go along, kowtowing to zealots who want to shape and manage your thoughts - or you take the path of WO, where meaninglessness will set you free.

Think of the stark choice: You can choose to live in the diseased state of conformity or you can resolve to live so as to die healthy. Adopt a perspective of ultimate meaninglessness in order that you can live a free and joyous life rather than an existence destined for despair.

Note: This essay is an excerpt from a chapter in Don’s latest, co-authored by Grant Donovan, entitled, Wellness Orgasms: The Fun Way to Live Well and Die Healthy by Exploring the Secrets of REAL Wellness.