To our loyal friends and readers.  The Political Junkies for Progressive Democracy has ceased regular publication of the columns by our fine team of writers.  This is being done primarily for economic reasons.  We do not receive donations (although we do retain our 501.c3 status)  and it has become financially unfeasible to continue regular publication at this time.   However, do browse our archives (which contain most of the previously published articles by our authors) and continue to follow us on facebook and twitter.

In the meantime, please be advised that I will be starting my own political website, entitled   It will eventually host the majority of the political columns that I have written over the years, published on a variety of webmagazines (including my former regular ones, the original The Political Junkies, and BuzzFlash Commentary).  As well, I will be publishing on it my future columns from The Greanville Post et al, as they appear.  I do hope that you will come along for the ride with me, on my new site.  There will of course be an announcement here when SJP goes live. 

There is much political struggle ahead, and with the gray fascistic shadow being cast by Donald Trump, as well as Ted Cruz, Dominionist, and their Republican Party, it could get very nasty.  
We will, of course, stay right on top of it.

Steven Jonas, MD, MPH, Editorial Director, The Political Junkies for Progressive Democracy