The Tea Bagger Conspiracy: When Tea Baggers Head Fake and Act Like Real, Responsible Conservatives

They warned us. They told us they were going to do it! Now the Tea Party leads the charge to bring to fruition the dreams of Newt Gingrich and Grover Norquist, GOP Super Thugs who advocate rubbing out social programs for the people. Respectively, each Neocon wanted to see Social Security, Medicare and other government programs for the common American to wither on the vine and to drown in the bath tub. And their ship had come in after they beat the shit out of the Democrats last November, winning a House majority.

The GOP, fueled by the Tea Baggers to cut government spending, appears to be on course in starving the beast (as Newt calls it) in order to bring social spending programs nearer the Neocon firing squad. The beast, is a total of all government spending programs that benefit the poor, the working class, the average American. You know, Welfare, Medicare, the School Lunch Programs, SCHIPS (health insurance for poorer kids), and Social Security, the billions of dollars that the US government spends on average Americans, not on Big Oil subsidies or No-Bidder contract corporate cronies like Halliburton.

Neocons and Tea Baggers (if there is a significant difference) are determined to starve the beast into non-existence. This means they want to kill Social Security, Medicare, Pell Grants, etc., you know, all the things that do not put extra bucks into their military industrial complex deep pockets, but into the pockets of what I am sure they consider to be riff raff Americans, the working stiffs who are trying to make ends meet and maybe send a kid or two to college so they might have a better life.

The method these (Un) Conservatives use is quite ingenious. First you Goebbelsize the Democrats into the party that is made up of the Big-Spenders. You get the Republican Party Members to spend billions of dollars on lobby ads, repetition ads that Democrats are the party of High Taxes and Big Spending. To make it catchy and memorable, you just call them: Tax and Spend Democrats. That phrase sticks well. 

Remember how Bob Perry, the Texas builder funded a 527 group called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth where his $4.45 Million dollar contribution helped demonize John Kerry in the 2004 Election? The money transformed Kerry, a combat veteran who put himself in harm’s way by volunteering for Rivereine Operations in Viet Nam, into someone who was perceived to be dishonorable. Kerry received the Silver Star for valor, but George W. Bush took a second term as president. The Boston Globe had the goods on Bush. Instead of submitting to the draft as did all other American males over 18, Bush got a cushy Texas Air Guard assignment as the Viet Nam War raged. There was no possibility that Bush would ever see combat. The LA Times showed how Bush got the assignment from Poppy Bush’s connections in high places. And how Bush went AWOL while missing several Reserve meetings, never reporting for military service in Alabama as ordered, and getting out of his 5-year military service contract early. Money and influence can do wonders in re-writing history. And in spreading (Non) truths. Sigh.

This same Bob Perry gave Karl Rove another $7 million to add to a group organized to help defeat Democrats in the 2010 Congressional Election last November 2. The overwhelming landslide where the Republicans stole the House from the Democrats could have been due to the 527 Group that grew from Perry’s small contribution to Karl Rove that grew into $55 Million dollars by the time the election year got underway.  How to Buy Congressmen With Ease

Later on, Perry got a black eye when a court awarded a couple $51 million dollars for a home Perry built. The court ruled that it was fraud. Maybe God does exist after all, but the couple will probably never see a penny of it while Perry drags it out for the meanness of it all. 

Perry is but one Billionaire that hates social programs for the poor and fair wage and good jobs for the working man. He and Newt Gingrich are probably buddies that pause once a year to sip cocktails at the downtown Petroleum Club in Houston with Karl Rove as they plan their attack on unsuspecting Americans everywhere.

The rape and pillage of government programs has just begun.

First off let us establish some math to give us a starting point. Who says that Democrats are the Big Spenders in government? Only the opposition, the GOP, the Tea Baggers say that, big deal. But then during the past few years that saw the GOP fall from Grace, they did have to come up with a new gimmick, the Tea Party Movement. Tea Baggers all of a sudden expressed outrage at the Big-Spending Democrats and how they had bankrupted America. After 8 years of Bush, Republicans had become so hated and despised, a new angle was needed. The same old selfish Neocons had to rename the Republican party the way a defunct bankrupted widget manufacturer must do if the old widgets produced cancer.

Enter the Koch Bros. of Wichita, the largest privately-owned company in the world. The Koch’s were in oil and construction way back when Stalin gained control of Russia back in the 1920s. The Koch family, oilmen, engineers, and chemists, were big back then, too, as they conducted business and services all over America in the oilfields back here at home. They used (or misused) a patent that was owned by another company, and they were fined and prohibited from using the other company’s patent here in America. But Stalin didn’t care if the Koch’s violated the patent. Neither did the Koch’s, and they did. Stalin needed to build up the infrastructure in all the major Russian cities. The Koch’s serviced Stalin’s needs for years and the rest (including the accumulation of billions of dollars) is history. Well those same hard assets have grown enormously, and recently, some of the Koch Brothers from Wichita decided to put a new spin on an old party. They funded the Tea Party. All the Pennsylvania protestors at Glenn Beck’s Washington D.C. organized rally were bussed down, fed and housed for the duration and told to cheer for the Tea Party rally to see to it that American politicians stopped spending our tax dollars for Democratic earmarks. Then the Koch’s paid the way for hundreds of Tea Bagger Americans to attend the Tea Party National Convention in Nashville where Sarah Palin was the keynote speaker. Of course they were well cued to cheer her on. The entrance fee was $500 per head. The Koch’s paid that fee, too. Some grass roots movement the Tea Party, don’t you think?

Here’s a scoop for the GOP and the Tea Baggers:

Our National Debt stands at:

$14 Trillion Dollars.

So how did it get so large? Was it because the Big-Spending Democrats borrowed all those trillions to pay for Welfare and other social programs for the poor? 


In the 1980s President Ronald Reagan stumped for and had a willing Congress to allow him to borrow and spend Trillions of dollars to bring the Evil Empire, Russia (as he called the country then) to its knees. This happened not even in wartime, but no matter. So what did Reagan borrow and spend during his 8 years as president to accomplish that feat?

3 Trillion Dollars. $3,000,000,000,000.00

President George W. Bush went against British Intelligence, US Intelligence (the CIA warned Bush not to say Iraq had tried to buy Yellow Cake Uranium from Niger, but Bush said it anyway), and attacked Iraq. He justified it because Iraq, he said, had nukyular weapons pointed at us and dag nab it, he did not want the “smoking gun to come in the form of a mushroom cloud.” Of course we all know now that Saddam Hussein had no WMDs. It was all Baloney. Bush lied. So how much did Bush borrow and spend during his 8 years as president?

4 Trillion Dollars. $4,000,000,000,000.00

So how much did these two REPUBLICAN presidents add to our National Debt (without counting 8 years of Compounded Annual Interest on the money borrowed)?

7 Trillion Dollars. $7,000,000,000,000.00

When you subtract these two REPUBLICAN presidents’ additions to our National Debt and ongoing back-crushing interest and the deficit, from the our National Debt of $14 Trillion what do you get?

7 Trillion Dollars. $7,000,000,000,000.00

Fine. Now let us make some observations.

If the Democrats are truly Big-Spending Democrats (as accused), then how come ALL the Democrats AND Republicans who have sat in the Oval Office since the birth of our nation, have not spent as much as these two REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTS AND THEIR WILLING CONGRESSES DURING THEIR SHORT TERMS IN OFFICE? (Anybody hear that pin drop?)

Two Republican Presidents, each with 8 years in office= $7 Trillion Dollars added to the National Debt by 2010.

ALL of the rest of the US Presidents since George Washington first took the oath of office on April 30, 1789 over a period of 221 YEARS!!!!!!! = $7 Trillion Dollars of the National Debt in 2010. Yet Reagan and Bush, all by themselves, and with a willing Congress, spent as much as ALL the other presidents in the history of America.

Will the real Big Spenders please stand up? 

And will somebody with brains in the Tea Party please explain to me and the rest of America just why you are huffing about taxes now when you could have had a ball protesting your outrage at the borrowing and spending of just two presidents alone, Reagan and George W. Bush? Just who are you Tea Baggers who bitch about taxes now in 2010 when spendthrift presidents Reagan and George W. Bush have deliberately added 7 Trillion Dollars in National Debt during the 16 combined years they served in the White House? You talk and grouse about not loading your kids and grandkids down with the burdensome debt Big-Spending Democrats have brought upon us all. Egad, can’t you add?

You should be ashamed. If you were intelligent enough to do the simple math I would have to thrash you all even more. And for not checking out your sponsors and what their motives just might be: you know, the Koch’s, Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove, Bob Perry, you know the crowd that worships stealing the big money from our government, the no-bid contracts like Dick Cheney’s Halliburton, and letting yourselves become complete saps in believing that the Tea Party is Real. It’s NOT and neither are you. The aforementioned group of thugs works your wooden hinged jaws with a puppet string.