America in Conflict With Itself – The Suicide War

It’s a massive implosion the whole world notices except for the few combatant principals at close proximity to ground zero: Washington DC. America is now engaged in a different kind of war, an unnecessary sort, that has the potential to bring down the whole house, resulting in a premature finale to the grand experiment [as the republic was affectionately referred to since inception]. We are witnesses to national suicide in progress.

Although Barack Obama won a decisive victory in the 2012 election, more than half of Republicans do not recognize the results as legitimate.

The poll further showed that 49% of Republicans believe the 2012 election was stolen for Obama by ACORN, an organization that was dissolved nearly three years ago. This goes hand-in-hand with the birthers and Obama-is-a-Muslim conspirators. The Party of Lincoln has not only lost its heart, but its head.

Obama won nearly 5 million more votes than Romney and 126 more electors, a landslide by Republican operative standards if the candidates’ numbers were reversed. But the statistics are meaningless to the right.

The effect of this false perception (bias) owned by the right is the Republican controlled House of Representatives’ total antagonism toward Barack Obama. There was no “honeymoon,” just divorce proceedings after November 6th. Impeachment is certainly on the table and will be used as soon as the right can create a charge (whether true, false, or deliberately fabricated). The nation remains in gridlock; nothing of import moves through Congress for fear Obama may get credit for accomplishing something good for America. The intensity of partisan backbiting from the right is unprecedented.

Nominated to be Obama’s Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel would have been a shoo-in during any prior administration. A former Republican Senator from Nebraska and decorated Vietnam War veteran, Hagel would be an excellent non-partisan.

But Republicans vow to block the nomination despite the fact he was one of their own. Why? Because he’s Obama’s choice. Since a majority of Republicans do not recognize the 2012

results, their representatives refuse to recognize him as President. Thus, they block almost all nominations and kill most pieces of legislation (except for ceremonial, naming post offices, plus meaningless-toothless resolutions). It is clear that any gun control proposal, even if watered down to appease Republicans preemptively (as per past practice), will be dead on arrival. The GOP House’s mantra remains, “Let government die.”

Not since the 1860s has such a large segment of the U.S. denied the elected Commander in Chief his due – and the geographic lines 1860 / 2012 bear resemblance. (Place a 2012 election map over one from 1860. The historic faultline is starkly evident. Sandy Relief funding follows the same contour.)

Last week I posted a pre-Civil War map on Facebook and asked readers to compare the current political landscape with that of 1860. The title of the post was “Ever Wonder where GRIDLOCK originated?” I was called “divisive” and “mean” for defending Obama and exposing the obvious divisions between North and South that have led to paralysis. Apparently, it’s “mean” to expose the faultline that’s doing severe damage to this country.

Because of the dark undercurrent gripping this nation at this time, I hesitate to make predictions for the coming year. It is very volatile. It is not mere partisan bickering or traditional banter between parties. The atmosphere more resembles the North-South schism of 152 years ago. It’s toxic.

Furthermore, it is common knowledge that Republicans vow to shut down the federal government by February or March of this year. The debt-ceiling vote is just an excuse to commit their damage.

Republicans’ definition of “cutting spending” is destroying Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and eliminating NPR. Big Bird is as evil as Barbara Streisand or Jane Fonda to them. On the other hand, they refuse to cut Defense but rather insist on a $2 trillion increase. The GOP caters only to the wealthy elite in this country, the 1%. The religious right backs them in this endeavor due to their prosperity-theology indoctrination (contrary to Christ’s precepts).

The beginning of Lincoln’s term led to the end of his time. Pray that Obama’s is no deja vu. However, similar seeds are sown. America’s history is written by the blood of her greatest fallen leaders, slain by ignorant ideologues and wrathful bigots. Whatever is required to reinforce protection of this President  must be done with haste. The atmosphere is, indeed, ominous.