Franklin Graham’s Warning to Christians: Another TV Evangelist Fruitcake Weighs in on the Muslim Menace

Recently, Franklin Graham, son and heir to his father’s Billy Graham Ministries, made some tomfool statements about how Christians were in grave danger from the Muslim menace here in America and abroad. Graham says that Muslims did not build this country, that the Jews and Christians did. And that Muslims are a real threat to all the Christians in the world. 

Franklin Graham’s Muslim Tirade

Franklin Graham’s words are laced with the bile and hatred our forefathers were fleeing from when they left to come to America.  It’s ironic that Graham would suggest that one religion is better than another because it (in his Billy Bob opinion) built America and another (Islam) did not.  The premise of freedom of religion is not, nor was it even when the founding fathers built America, based upon exclusive treatment of one religion over another.  Or any religion at all for that matter.  Graham is in conflict with his own words.  He is a fruitcake fanatic and doesn’t even know it.  But then most religious fanatics can’t see themselves.  They don’t do good mirror while doing perfect prejudice. But they all seem to have big cash registers to house all those tax-free donations to Christ. And their lucrative retirement pensions.

Funny thing, but these dudes like Franklin Graham who are eat up with telling us what God says and thinks seem to enjoy astronomical high salaries thanks to their pursuit of the “Jesus Business.” 

Graham’s huge salary: what would Jesus say?

Just how is it that a man of God, a man of the cloth can justify in his own heart that it is okay to take such huge sums from donations in the name of Christ to help the needy, the poor, the down-trodden, the sick? Besides, the organization headed by Billy Graham is so chocked full of other Graham family members that you got to ask, hey, is this a legitimate tax-exempt church or not? Or does it exist for the income and profit of the Graham family, just like the Kardashians manage to render fortunes from television and show business? Is there no shame? Is there no fear of the judgment to come from the Almighty? They try to scare all us poor sinners (without a billion dollar Jesus business like they have) that judgment lies ahead and that we better cough up some green to insure that we get through the pearly gates without a hitch. And that their Mercedes payments won’t be late.

Graham says that his organization, Samaritan’s Purse has funded his retirement pension. Last year, the Boone, NC based organization paid Graham 1.2 million dollars. Graham is quoted as saying he does his charity work because he loves it, that he would do it for free if he had to. I say let him. Take the 1.2 million and give it to the Japanese Tsunami relief fund or some other worth charity. We did not see Jesus taking huge chunks of money donated to his ministry, now did we? And He warned against the love of money, too, didn’t He? So what does that make Franklin Graham besides just another TV evangelist crook? 

Let Graham get his wish. Let him give his 1.2 Million dollar compensation to the poor as he vowed he would.

We are poised to go back into the Middle Ages where the Christians and Knights Templars can lead the Crusades against Islam by driving the Muslims from the Holy Land.  This time maybe we can drive them from America, eh, Franklin?  It’s not the gun that kills people; it is the person holding it, right?  Yet in this new brand of Islamaphobia, it is the gun (Islam) that kills people, not the Muslim (pretending to be a human being), right?  I don’t know.  Franklin Graham is obviously demented beyond a cure, and he wants his Jim Jones solution to Islam to prevail, you can bet, although he says he likes Muslims as a people.  Yeah, right.  We are no better than the popes who blessed the knights for going to kill Muslims much in the same way Sarah Palin spured on the troops (and George Bush) to kill Muslims at a church event in Alaska.  Sadder than Graham’s religious madness is the number of Christians who accept him and believe him that Muslims are bad and second rate because they did not help to build America.   They even try to tear it down, like when they destroyed the Twin
Towers, right?  But wait a minute Franklin; those were terrorists, not just Muslims, right? 

Sadder still is that bogus religious leaders like Graham never answer that question outright.  They keep letting the pot simmer so that maybe the twain will blend into one entity and become the same, you think?  As an oppressor o freedom of religion, how is Graham different from those persecutors the Pilgrims were fleeing from when they came to America? 

Graham’s rhetoric is disgusting. He warns that President Obama is engaged in a conspiracy with the Brotherhood of Muslims to hurt the United States of America. He says all Christians are in grave danger. Wow. Is this just another Glenn Beck, Hannity Insanity attempt of Fox News to discredit Obama? Do real Christians really believe the hate rhetoric of false prophets like Franklin Graham? You got to wonder, too, if Billy Graham is so wonderful and notable as a true minister of the gospel, why doesn’t Billy take young Franklin out to the wood shed?

Franklin Graham’s idiot theories on Muslim Conspiracy and the President of the United States

Say does Franklin still get tax-exempt status as a church?  Bet there will be a long line and wait at the Pearly Gates for all those TV evangelists who snookered people out of their money to donate for another form of religious abuse of humans who do not hold the same beliefs as they do.  And our government gives them aide in letting them have tax-exempt status.  No wonder how Pat Robertson could buy a controlling interest in the Bank of Scotland.

Must we continue to act like retards by letting these charlatans rob honest Christians with their toothy grins and no substance save hate campaigns against non-Christians? I vote for a preacher tax on all TV evangelists who receive $500,000.00 or more annually in the service of God. Let it be stiff, too, say 50% on all above $500M.