To Inflame the Religious, A New 9/11 Desired

Religion is the glue that keeps the masses in line. But absent a recent major tragedy, religious fervor – particularly the rightwing flavor – tends to fade with time due to its foundation on sand. The “sand” is fear which generates intense hatred. The religious right is indeed moved by fear, not by love. While the Republican Party is Robin Hood in reverse, the base – the religious right – is Jesus Christ in reverse, i.e., antichristian or antichrist for short.

So, the right is anxious for another 9/11. Without religious zeal, the base evaporates. Reason and logic gradually regain prerogative over impulsive emotionalism. Of course, reason and logic are in direct conflict with Republican stratagem. The two virtues are vilified by the religious right as the cornerstones to “secular humanism” – manifestations of satanic influence.

Either the right artificially ignites a conflict with Iran, or some other major terrorist event is allowed to proceed. The first 9/11, of course, is suspicious. There are links with the Bushes, Cheney, Rove and PNAC. The business alliance between the Bushes and BinLadens for 30 years before 2001 raised no eyebrows on the right, and the left was somewhat speechless due to aftershock combined with its nauseating passive nature. Only a few progressives spoke truth to power in the months following. This columnist was one of the few.

The second 9/11, if allowed or covertly schemed, will be no coincidence either. Remember the Maine? The Spanish-American War required pretext. No WWII without Pearl Harbor; no Vietnam without Bay of Tonkin; no Iraq-Afghanistan without 9/11; no new war against Iran without an Iranian-blamed false flag. It follows the night the day. The military-industrial complex (MIC) has almost full control and aims to flex its muscle in the days ahead. Eisenhower was no dummy; MIC has America by the balls.

Neocons are eager to reclaim power via Romney. But a national tragedy must precede further military adventures beyond the regaining of power – given especially the state of the economy. A platform must be set for pretext through a false flag operation, or Israel will be issued a green light to initiate hostilities, as Romney’s adviser so clearly implied on the campaign’s recent visit.

Hate for Obama not only stems from his color but his notable accomplishments. The right’s world view cannot visualize an intelligent black man, much less one that’s elected President and leader of the Free World. Barack Obama is a major contradiction to everything they were taught to believe since infancy, and therefore in their view, he must be eliminated.

To win, Republicans must stoke the fires of fear. Fear, not love, is what motivates the religious right. A neocon 501(c)(4) non-profit called “Secure America Now” is distributing a new ad with the false claim the Obama administration hasn't been Cheney enough in the hunt for terrorists.

What they’re actually hoping for is another 9/11 to rekindle the hate, fear, ignorance and irrational emotion.

This election is not only a contest between two men, but between two starkly opposing worldviews. The right would drag us into another major conflict, more tax cuts for the wealthy, wider income disparity, a permanently depressed economy, and religious zealotry. “Dominionism” they call it; theocracy (old-school).

But the only way this can be accomplished is for another 9/11 to discharge. “Get ‘em all back in church so they can talk trash about another targeted minority. That way we can recruit their kids to join and fight our wars.” Undoubtedly, ignorance runs deep in the religious right. They’re but pawns of unseen elite spinmeisters who’ve craftily reversed Jesus’ teachings and made them to seem righteous to the dumbed-down.

Unfortunately, millions of Americans can’t see beyond skin color. More unfortunate is the mesmerizing power of religion, no matter how cultic, destructive, and counter to the authentic teachings of Christ.

If Romney and the right win, heaven help us. Because they’ll turn the world into hell.