Dancing with the Tar Baby (While Waiting for Santa Claus to Come) Part II

In Dancing with the Tar Baby Part I we shared a bit of the black stickiness of dark human events that sentence us human creatures to drift in and out of a state of melancholy for most of our lives. To find solace from the world’s problems, the real threat of world financial collapse, loss of jobs, loss of our homes, we seek diversions. Distractions from life’s morbid realities. The Caesars of Ancient Rome used to call it “circus and bread” for the masses. Keep the people busy. Keep them distracted from reality. And the Roman leaders managed to do just that when the bloodshot eye of reality kept peaking from behind the mask of deception. Circus and Bread

Not that I fully agree with them, but there are even more political websites that describe the phenomenon of circus and bread for the masses. More Circus and Bread Expanded

It becomes obvious that there is a great determination to divert the attention of the masses in the world to things more trivial than the destruction of sovereign currencies, the shifting of world wealth from the middle and working classes to the upper .1% of humans, and the wanton waging of wars for profit of the Military Industrial Complex. Ike’s Grave Warning

Now, in 2011 the world is rife with wars, military occupations of countless sovereign countries, and Trillions of dollars of annual production of war machinery and security software and hardware. Why is that? So we can wage combat. It must be our human pastime we do it so much. I used to think that perhaps Homo sapiens enjoyed the killing, but I don’t think that’s it. It’s the money. War makes the cash registers go Kachingo! 

Look at all the profits and jobs that come from the hard and software war brings to the table. Some say all the struggle in a good war is so we can protect ourselves from aggression. You buy that? Wanna buy a $500 hammer discounted to $200? No, that’s the business of the Military Industrial Complex to sell $500 hammers and $600 toilet seats to Uncle Sam. That is sacred NO-BID territory between gummint and war-crony companies like Halliburton and Blackwater. In the eyes of the government, I would not have the importance of a knot on a Possum’s penis in the Big Thicket, compared to the NO-BID war crony corporations. And finally, this entire ruckus is so the US Government can go bankrupt from borrowing and spending to the tune of $14,000,000,000,000.00 and counting. Why the heck would we want to go bankrupt, you ask? Simple. So we can tell all the people with crocodile tears that there just ain’t no more people money from Uncle Sam for Social Security, Pell Grants, Welfare, Food Stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, and police protection. Ya’ll on your own, now, ya heah? Hope old Billy Bob can stand it so’s he don’t have to all of a sudden jump up from the sofa and run over all of Toby Keith’s CDs in his pickup truck.

Don’t make any sense, right? Like, why would the rich crap in their own nest? Well, you see, they planned ahead. They insiders, get it? They bought (take the Bush family…….please) over 200 thousand acres of land in Paraguay. Got lots of natural resources, including water, food, copper, lithium, and-get this-even a 400 man US Marine airbase nearby for protection. Don’t that beat all? You can’t even extract anybody from Paraguay for war crimes, neither. That might be one way to beat the system and bail out of a country once you trashed it and the people and the government programs they used to enjoy before the insiders started stealing from the people. Oh, and I would imagine lots of gold and silver made its way down there with them, don’t you? Screw Bernanke…..he can print as many US dollars as he wonts to, ‘cause we out of there. Look up Grover Norquist on Google. He was a prophet, you know, of all this when he talked about starving the beast (government people programs like Head Start and the School Lunch Program) and drowning it in the bath tub.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, for all this human effort, sweat and tears, we still need to protect us from ourselves. While the planet earth warms, due to human disrespect for the planet. We are the keepers and stewards of our home, planet earth.

As we speak, China is building ONE new coal-fired electric generation plant PER DAY. So aside from the excess production each day that we live and breathe as a species we put into the air billions of pounds more of Carbon Dioxide with each year that passes. In the new industrial birth of China as a world power (China just passed Japan as Number 2) few Chinese citizens have been able to afford automobiles. Not so anymore. The figures for 2010 in automobiles produced are staggering. China Auto Production in 2010

Some say China will produce another 50 million cars in 2011. 

Just think about it. All that additional air pollution. All that excess CO2 shoe-horned into our atmosphere. All that additional mercury poisoning that will settle in the fatty tissues of every fish and sea creature in the planet earth. What will we be able to eat? What will happen to us?

Right about now, I can hear the chuckles and guffaws of those who say global warming is a hoax. It is amazing when you think about it, how so much of the scientific community of the world believes in and supports global warming as a real and present danger, while so-called “paid scientists” rail against global warming and Al Gore for his movie, “An Inconvenient Truth.” Al Gore: Global Warming in 10 Minutes

The Nobel Peace Prize is given to those who have done the most to make the planet better for humankind. The Nobel Society is based upon a SCIENTIFIC SEARCH FOR TRUTH. Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 for his work on Global Warming. Yet opposition to Gore’s work to make us more aware of what we are doing to our own home, planet earth, is enormous. It is as fierce as the Trillions of Dollars to discredit him are numerous and fully deployed in his sought-after destruction. You see, to acknowledge the truth about yes, we humans are actually causing the temperature of our planet to rise, would be disastrous for the bottom line profits of most all heavy industries in the whole world. For once can we humans get on the same page, here? It’s the money, stupid.

“Where have you gone, Thomas Jefferson? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you (Woo woo woo). (To the tune of “Mrs. Robinson")

Exxon alone would have to spend billions on just improving the air quality of its belching refineries. Dow Chemical would need to outlay billions in cash to improve its water runoff systems, and of course, China would have to stop building coal-fired electric power plants and spend most all its cash on cleaning up the Yellow River and its vast sources ground water. China would collapse. It would be an impossibility, of course, which makes it such an easy task to demonize Al Gore for telling us the truth. What about Science though? Well they got the best scientists big lobby money can buy. First the Creationist Museum, and then the dumbing down of Science for the sake of the bottom line dollar of corporations. Goodbye, earth, it was nice knowing you. Now where’s that circus and bread? Gimme that controller so I can watch Fox News. Hannity and O’Reilly will make it all better about that bloody global warming thang.

The money well has no bottom when it comes to those who would debunk global warming and Gore as a hoax. Koch Industries is now at the top of the list as a donor to that cause of that organized destruction of the long time survival chances of the human race.   http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/en/campaigns/global-warming-and-energy/polluterwatch/koch-industries/

And you thought the Koch Brothers were just eccentric billionaires who just supported the Tea Party! 

So there you have it, my fellow earthlings. The grandest Tar Baby of all time has already taken our hand for one last dance. We are in denial and enjoying the modern day “Circus and Bread” of “American Idol,” Dancing with the Stars,” the “Super Bowl,” just name the diversion. We cannot be bothered with bad stuff or negativity. We just put in a hard day’s work, drove the hour home on the freeway, and want to relax and vege out. Can’t be bothered with no Al Gore or no global warming. And there are so many people who say that it is all a hoax, anyhow. For the first time, science has been manipulated to help us destroy us. There are endless billions of dollars from those who profit from business as usual, and continuing to smoke up the planet, and mercurytize our water supply, that you can hardly know what to believe. But know this, that when you follow the money, the smart money is on continuing on as we have for centuries, depleting resources and polluting air and water. Why? It’s more profitable. But what about the future? What future?   It does not exist. Only the now. Only the bucks you can make today. Get with it you tree-huggers! The Tar Baby’s got the next dance, chump. With you.