No politician is saying it. No major network is broadcasting it. Their reluctance is probably well-founded. Panic would set in – making the outcome unimaginably worse.

America is Humpty Dumpty fallen off the cliff, and unlike the Great Depression of the 30s, it cannot resuscitate itself by firing up the manufacturing base. Because, thanks to the right-wing joined at the hip to Wall Street, there is hardly any manufacturing left. It has long been shipped overseas, cunningly called “outsourcing.” Yes, greed killed Humpty. But let’s not forget who pushed the gullible egg off the wall.

The middle class is a victim of homicide – premeditated, deliberate, and well-planned murder. Republicans have been targeting unions and the working class for decades, and now [with the help of their religious stooges], they’ve succeeded.

It’s simple math. Subtracting the purchasing power of America’s middle, only a few remain to buy the goods produced by overseas’ suppliers. Who can then afford homes, cars, appliances, and basic goods? And once the foundation is fractured, the entire house collapses.

It was a lesson supposedly learned 1929-1946. Unfortunately, America’s short-term memory blocks the past.

Add to the equation a manufacturing sector exiled overseas – the nation is Humpty Dumpty with little or no hope of recovery into the foreseeable future. Obama can’t cure the country’s ills through executive orders [which affect little at best], and Republicans in Congress have solemnly pledged to uphold their vow to deny Obama a second term at any cost – including destroying the nation.

Franklin Roosevelt was, of course, afflicted by Republicans who were the cause of the Depression but still were determined to prove they were right. But at least they cooperated enough when realizing FDR was going to hold firm to his proposals geared toward getting the country back on track.

Now we’re beset by worse obstacles: (1) a Republican Congress opposed to any proposal that would solve any problem [based on their prime motive to deny Obama a second term]; (2) a Democratic President that compromises core principles in the misguided belief that Republicans will reciprocate; and (3) a weakened economy vexed by disparity and a vanishing middle class.

These factors will make 2012 another rough year. If only Obama would be tough. If only Republicans would place country over party. If only manufacturing would return to America. If only the religious right would return to the Christ of the Gospels. If only working people would unite to demand a living wage. If only….

Instead, all these missing ingredients make a perfect storm.


It was hoped the President learned his lesson. But now we understand he approved “indefinite detention” of U.S. citizens. What the hell? His supporters are totally outraged. Again.

Surely, Obama realizes he cannot win without an energized base. Surely by now he realizes that Republicans are only out to screw him.

But the disappointment continues. Mitt Romney is now gifted with an opponent having a softened base. Not only is the economy in the toilet, but Obama’s voters are demoralized. “Angels don’t compromise with devils,” should have been the moral learned.


Given Obama’s penchant to please Republicans, Iran could be the next Iraq – 10 times over. Iran is several times larger and militarily stronger than Iraq 2003, and Russia could be pulled into the conflict. American “diplomacy” in the region is a total fiasco, and has been for 65 years. Nothing has been done serving our best interests – nor any other nation in the world, except energy conglomerates and corrupt politicians. Halliburton would take us to hell if it meant profit – as would Wall Street and the Military-Industrial Complex. Why don’t people understand?

Greed and corruption pushed Humpty over the wall, and the guard on duty that was supposed to prevent the fall was more concerned about making deals with the culprits than protecting the client and honoring his oath.


Because of all the factors mentioned, I cannot predict the outcome of this year’s election. At first, I thought Obama would walk away with it due to the clowns he was up against. Then after he again compromised away another key constitutional principle (indefinite suspension of American citizens), I realized the base would be further disappointed – weakened to the degree Mitt Romney could win enough Midwestern states to capture electoral advantage.

Plus, the loss of the Senate and the House remaining in GOP hands, I now see (at this time, if nothing else of significance changes) a full Republican sweep – which means further misery and an absolute war on the middle class and poor. Add to this the loss of the majority’s purchasing power means total depression, not merely recession.

When young, we were admonished to avoid two subjects in respectable conversation: POLITICS and RELIGION. But these are the two curses most affecting America.

Actually, I don’t want to seem pessimistic – just realistic. I wish there were positive items to report and would, if true. An increase in tourists to Disney may seem like the economy’s spark to a few, but I see the bigger picture of a suppressed middle class – the vast majority – unable to purchase goods they once did, resulting in loss of homes and valuables – while the 1% hoard what’s left. Have you driven your Main Street and chain-strip lately? How many boarded businesses, check-cashing scams, tattoo parlors, sex and nail shops did you notice? Signs of deterioration are all around which must indicate where we are.

America’s POLITICS have driven it to depression, and RELIGION is what’s fueling its POLITICS.

Perhaps Obama can pull it off – if he quits pissing off the people that elected him in `08. But given his pattern of appeasement, the future doesn’t look good.

SUMMARY: 2012 will continue the downward spiral of American influence — started as a result of the failed, treasonous Bush administration that came to power in a stolen election 2000. In long-range history that will be the accepted pivotal point of decline, not 9/11 or some other event over the horizon.