China’s economy may soon collapse, far exceeding America’s in 2008. As China goes, so goes the world – as it has been conventional wisdom concerning the U.S. economy for decades. “When America sneezes, the world comes down with pneumonia.”

As in most pending disasters, this could have been avoided. Absent, per norm, is U.S. leadership heading off the Asian giant’s fall, much less preparing Americans for the probable. Obama’s lack of leadership is not shown in Republican-dredged scandals such as Benghazi or IRS, but failing to caution China about its building binge.

Do we want China to fail? If so, do we realize the consequence is nothing less than global economic collapse? An 8-point earthquake in the Pacific most usually produces a tsunami crashing continents thousands of miles from the epicenter. Cannot Washington recognize China’s quake impacting the U.S.?

Meanwhile, American politics-as-usual not only cements gridlock, but magnifies scandals [if not manufacturing them whole-cloth]. The Republican obsession to destroy Obama is the only reason for obstruction. Republicans voting to repeal Obamacare for the 37th time is the definition of obsession.

On the other hand, Obama plays right into their hands by his gullibility, impractical idealism, penchant to compromise core principles, misconception of governing, and a damning lawyerly mindset. He erodes his base yet expects results and assumes Republicans will accede to his over-the-top concessions – even prior to debate. Unilateral, preemptive disarmament never won anyone’s peace, only accomplished making a fool of the naïve appeaser.

The bull (or more aptly, the “bear”) in China’s closet won’t go away by a mere stroke of the treasurer’s pen, and there is no such thing as sheer luck. The bursting of the bubble will be massive. Trillions of dollars will be lost in a day. Why is the U.S. Government asleep?

Our concern for the collapse of the U.S. Post Office, which was caused by Republican sabotage with its 2006 “Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act,” is on the back-burner, naturally, while politicians feud over nonsensical issues. The big elephant in the room is China, but no one would ever know it if listening to Republican lawmakers obsessed with taking Obama down in addition to anti-abortion and voter-suppression legislation. So much for “job creation.”

In late 2006 Republicans set a trap for the Postal Service that required it to pay over $5 billion every year for ten years for employees not even born yet – 75 years of pension and healthcare paid in just 10. Republicans knew they were setting a trap, while Democrats (as usual) were too passive to comprehend the plot. The USPS would be debt-free were it not for this corrosive scheme.

Yet Obama has done nothing to address the “Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006.” Where is the demand for its repeal?

Obama’s negligence or unwillingness in solving the postal crises is ominous to the China bubble. His actions require him to tackle Republican obstruction, and he seemingly lacks the will-power to take them on. If there was a drive to do so, why did he not pressure Harry Reid into re-writing the Senate filibuster rules so something productive could pass?

Progressives warned Obama repeatedly that Republicans were determined to destroy him and would attempt impeachment in the 2nd term. The fact that no one in the White House seems to heed the advice from the base indicates lack of respect for the very ones who placed them in power. It’s like ditching the beautiful bride at the honeymoon for an ugly whore.

Drastic climate change, the bursting of the China bubble, Europe’s woes, Middle East instability, and America’s failing infrastructure – all beckon this President and Government to take action. But nothing can be done, not even a universal gun background check supported by 90% of Americans. Because Washington is obsessed by the petty, not the looming disasters promising to devour us.

Republicans have never gotten over Watergate. Their revenge is more important than life itself. Their goal is to create a “gate” so toxic, that Obama (or any other Democratic President) will be seen airlifted off the White House lawn, aka, Nixon ‘74. That’s where this obstruction originates – not only latent racism with its primary byproduct – contempt for this President. Republicans want payback for Nixon’s disgrace. Gridlock is a GOP forte.

Congress and the White House were tied up with impeachment in 1999. Two years later Al Qaeda struck. Whenever Washington shows its impotence, devastation follows.

Now that the nation is paralyzed due to several minor and manufactured scandals, when and where will the next 9/11 occur? There are several candidates out there that promise to change the course of history once more. The only question is which will it be? China, climate change, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, or another major terrorist attack sliding through the cracks?