Many view European fascism of the 20th century as a foreshadow of the Antichrist movement of the 21st – if one believes such prophetic script. In that vein, Nostradamus and Christian apostles concur. To secularist, the emergence of early 20th century fascism suggests a future resurgence in keeping with the canon “History repeats itself” – especially if the populace tends to be handicapped by a short memory due to disdain for education. Either way, the final element is the same, although viewed from starkly contrasting perspectives.

Firstly, 20th century fascism was corporatist. Corporations owned and empowered the government. Secondly, it gained a cultic, nationalistic fervor that appealed to the masses (except the educated class and unionists, many of whom were forced into detention or state-sponsored execution). And thirdly, it employed the influence of right-wing religion and the church to gain power. (In 1933 Rev. Ludwig Mueller, a German evangelical minister, was appointed as “Reichbishop of Germany” by Adolf Hitler who then commissioned him [Mueller] and his clerics to create a new Nazi version of the Bible, completed 1938, containing outrageously anti-Semitic passages.)

Of course, after the fall of the Third Reich, religious leaders denounced Hitler by endorsing revisionist history that claimed the Fuhrer and his followers, the Nazis, were atheists and non-Christian. But history tells a different story illustrated clearly in photographs from the era.

It is for these reasons I recognize the modern American Republican Party -- with all its tentacles including the Tea Party and religious kooks – as a revival of the Nazi Party laying down the welcome mat for a new strongman, a figurehead – to grapple power away from the indecisive and gutless – from a divided people thirsting for such a person embodying apparent courage and power of conviction to emerge like the Fuhrer forerunner of 1933. Just as Germans held contempt for the weak Weimar Republic without which the Third Reich never would have emerged, contemporary America (via FOX, rightwing media and religious leaders) hold utter scorn for liberals and Democrats that have not held to convictions but attempted to appease and compromise as their modus operandi.

The new “Leader” will embody the spirit manifested by the current trend which mirrors the Nazis with their nasty little prejudices and nationalism. The self-righteousness, the economic ideology where every tenet must be based on commercialism and materialism ("free markets"), the worship of conservative leaders from the past that actually did more damage than good, the turning of an entire political party into a religious rally...... These are the signs not unlike the pomp and pageantry set forth by Josef Goebbels at behest of Adolf Hitler. Leader worship is next, where they will toss flowers and praise at their chosen fuhrer -- whenever that appearance is timed to materialize for greatest impact.

The current right-wing church is ripe for the Antichrist and will adore him. Because he will speak their language and push their favorite sanctimonious buttons – although they will be far off-base from the original teachings of Christ -- doctrines in direct contradiction to New Testament standards. Christ warned; they refused to listen. Now they're prepped to be devoured. "Satan, dressed as a lamb, is going about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour."

On March 8, 2005, I wrote and posted “PARALLELS TO THE FALL. The following are excerpts:


This politician changed the course of world history. The southern region of the country was where he began his political career and was the launching pad in his effort to capture the highest office of the land. He was not elected by the majority but was thrust into power (appointed) without winning the popular vote. Although he claimed southern customs, he actually was born in another country — while still clinging to southern ways to influence more votes. His accent was southern which sounded “less educated” to northern citizens – while charming to common folk. But his folksy inflections proved beneficial to his political aspirations as the rural block turned out in droves across the land.

Evangelical fundamentalists were also part of his base. For, without them he couldn't have succeeded, because the academic and artistic class in urban centers rejected him. The national election map was charted and showed farmers and small townsfolk overwhelmingly approving him while city dwellers in the industrial centers, labor and academia supporting Democrats. The map was a quilt of red and blue where the red was concentrated in the rural provinces yet covered the most area because of the base's less density.

The nation was dangerously divided until “good fortune” arrived on his doorstep not long after being placed in power. “Terrorists” attacked and burned the main national landmark — or at minimum, that was the official account.

Tragedy became the tyrant's trifecta. The unelected leader went so far as to publicly define the event “good fortune” and “God's will.” Immediately the government imposed new restrictions on civil liberties under the cloak of fighting terrorism. The fact that the leader had not garnered the majority vote was meaningless after the government building went up in smoke. The nation united in that instant becoming a sea of flags as its citizens turned out en masse to demonstrate patriotism. The eagle was the national bird, and the Christian cross was displayed alongside the Swastica as symbols of religious and national pride. “God and Country” was the nation's mantra, and soldiers wore belt buckles with the inscription “God With Us.”

Could all this have been planned from the beginning — before the terrorist attack of 27 February 1933?

This was the rise of the Third Reich, Nazi Germany, 1933-1945. The 1,000 year empire lasted only twelve, but 50,000,000 deaths make it the darkest period in world history. Thus far.


Not that the burning of the Reichstag in 1933 parallels 9/11 en toto, the reactions are similar in both centuries on opposite sides of the Atlantic. Bush declared 9/11 his “trifecta” on several occasions, as Hitler declared the Reichstag fire his “good fortune.” They both used national tragedy for personal gain – initiating pretext wars on false flag operations that bankrupted both empires militarily, morally, and eventually economically. The right-wing of both centuries seized power and demonized whole classes of people to energize a hate-filled base. We have yet to see the culmination of this movement.

Still, None dare call Bush-Cheney-Rove’s acts “treasonous.” The Obama administration continues covering for them for the sake of “continuity of government.” But justice ultimately demands its due course despite obstruction by the supposed well-meaning.

Still saddled by the willfully ignorant, America is fertile ground for a re-emergent fascism.

Ignorance brings about the repeat of painful history. A people confined to current conventional thought have no foresight and, thus, incapable of preventing disaster. Its citizens cannot see because they have no will to examine the past. A people without vision perish.

The great German philosopher Karl Jaspers wrote: “That which has happened is a warning. To forget it is guilt. It must be continually remembered. It was possible for [Nazism] to happen, and it remains possible for it to happen again in a minute. Only in knowledge can it be prevented.”

And still the biggest puzzle starts and ends with “why?” Why would a nation so cultured and free allow itself to fall? Germany boasted of a sophisticated, educated people, no doubt. It was seduced by the dark side with popular support. America is no different in that regard.

We have not fallen yet. But parallel lines are drawn into the future. A nation cannot endure political heresy for long. Hitler was in power twelve years before the end. How long will America endure – given the current climate of accepted absurdities, right-wing extremism, and Tea Party dogma?

"First they arrested the communists – But I was not a communist, so I did nothing. Then they came for the Social Democrats, but I was not a Social Democrat, so I did nothing. Then they arrested the trade unionists – and I did nothing because I was not one. And then they came for the Jews and the Catholics, but I was neither a Jew nor a Catholic and I did nothing. At last they came and arrested me – And there was no one left to do anything about it." ~~ Rev. Martin Niemoller, Nazi prison survivor