Should the United States Attack Iran? Why Not? Nobody Loses All the Time

When trying to control a sovereign country and attempting to get the citizens on your side, you got to light a fire under the people. Give them something. Something to move them. Something to fear. Something to hate. And the moving stimulus need not be what it seems. As in Hitler Germany, Jews were the stimulus to hate and for Ayrians to feel a sense of national pride and holier-than-thou ethnic nationalism. But the hidden agenda of Der Fuhrer and his propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels was not necessarily the Jews. Wasn’t it more likely so that Hitler could control Germany in his very own Nazi dictatorship while building a war machine that could take over the rest of the world by force?

You see, first you establish an enemy. From that vantage point all things are possible. Today is no different. The human breast still holds the same upheaving emotions that cause a people to fear being taken over by foreigners. Take the reality of illegal Mexicans crossing out border to the south. Seeking jobs and a better life they come across the Rio Grande in defiance of the law. They risk their very lives to better their lives with jobs and promise of money. The illegals from the south are demonized at times as a problem and an enemy to the American way. Some say they are a drain on our National Treasury for schooling and benefits not intended for foreigners, yet paid for with the tax dollars of legitimate US citizens. Yet the Mexican influx is a double-edged sword because they have provided a real and cheap source of labor for American businesses. Like it or not, they have added to our culture, our cuisine, our music, and our GNP. So demonization of Mexicans for daring to be here illegally is a moot point now. As more Mexicans come here, legal or no, and fill up the voting jar that will see them as a majority in the near future, we yawn indifferently. And most of us cannot remember why it made us so mad once upon a time. Soon they will be able to get citizenship papers and run for office and win.

So let us leave the Mexican illegals and all the rhetoric about “Ain’t it awful about the illegal aliens.” Take Iran. They are a better, more believable, despicable target to demonize. Looks like we the USA are about to attack them. Or at least unleash our Doberman, the Israelis on them. Why? Well, the Iranians are messing with nuclear reactors and isotopes. Official word is that they are trying to build a nuclear weapon. And the Iranians hate Israel and have vowed to destroy the Jews and Israel. Do you love it? Do you believe it? Do you believe the contention that the Koran promises virgins for those martyrs who kill white infidels? I don’t. I believe these are talking points of terrorists and citizens of countries who do not like the US or Westerners. Should I be afraid? I’m not.

As the perfect enemy to hate, why Iran is also from the region of terrorists that blew up the Twin Towers and killed over 3,000 innocent Americans. Forget that the terrorists involved were almost exclusively from Saudi Arabia, our friend that we are still protecting. Also forget that the friendship is based upon the Saudis providing us with a source of oil that will keep America alive and well as a bankrupt country with a superior military. Forget that the Saudis teach their children Wahabi, a doctrine that preaches hate for Americans and Westerners. But the Saudis are our friends, right? Osama bin Laden was just one bad apple in the Muslim barrel. Relax. Go out for a country drive and fill ‘er up when you get back. All is good.

But wait a minute. Let us return to Iran as the perfect enemy. Iran says that they are not building nuclear weapons or manufacturing weapons grade isotopes in their reactors. Iran vows that their only quest is to produce reactor grade Uranium for its energy needs. Our own CIA says that Iran is maybe 10 years away from having a bomb if they started today. So what is this line of reasoning? Is our government demonizing Iran for no reason or is there genuine need to fear them and their blowing up cities in the USA and in Israel? Sounds like deja vue all over again, eh? Anybody remember Colin Powell’s artists’ drawings? Or Bush II’s state of the union address that suggested we should fear the possibility of mushroom clouds in major American cities? Or our reason for giving the world a glimpse of “Shock and Awe?”

Often things are not what they seem. Take Iraq. Bush II said they had nukes pointed at American cities. He scared us into believing a falsehood. So we attacked Iraq. Somebody had to pay for 911 even if we had to stretch that al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein were in cahoots in flying planes into the Twin Towers and killing over 3,000 innocent Americans. Are we about to fall for the same scare tactics again? Is Iran really building a nuclear weapon to destroy us or Israel? Or are we being led down the same old path? Will Iran be our next target? After all, Iran is the second largest oil deposit in the world. We protect the largest with our military (Saudi Arabia). We attacked and destabilized the 3rd largest oil deposit, Iraq. So now are we going after the second largest, Iran? Are we fearful that, left unattended, Iran might just cozy up to China, Japan, North Korea, France, and other countries that direly need oil to keep their governments intact, viable, and running?

Take the erosion of the US dollar as a world currency. The US and Saudi Arabia established “Petro Dollars” decades ago as the currency necessary for any and all countries of the world to buy oil. If Venezuela or Australia wanted to buy oil from any oil-producing country on the planet, first, it had to convert its currency to Petro Dollars. And what is a Petro Dollar? Why it is a US dollar, plain and simple. This gave the United States a control over the rest of the world that favored us. But it appears that a revolution against the Petro Dollar is at hand. China, Brazil, Russia, and many other countries have been convinced to trade with Iran with their own currencies. Or to trade wheat and timber for oil without going to the trouble of converting currencies to US dollars before purchasing oil. This Petro Dollar agreement years ago was a mutually beneficial arrangement between 2 countries: Saudi Arabia and the United States. But it now appears the rest of the world is calling us out on the Petro Dollar arrangement that assured the protection of the Saudis by the US and our control of money and countries with our own dollars, like in (you guessed it) Federal Reserve Notes. Many of the countries of the world have tired of us and the Saudis kicking their dog around, it seems.

So could the scare of Iran developing a nuclear weapon be a ruse to defang them as the world’s 2nd largest oil deposit? Could it be that the real reason for our rattling sabers at Iran is to give them proper comeuppance and restore our power as the world currency whose status has been the one and only Petro Dollar that can be used to purchase oil?

The above is indeed interesting when you consider all the other countries in the world that possess nuclear weapons and delivery systems. Some of them are not so friendly to the United States or the West. Pakistan, for example, who somehow shielded Osama bin Laden from being discovered. And what about Russia? Remember them? The Evil Empire that Ronald Reagan insisted that we borrow and spend $3 trillion to bring to its knees? Funny but right now, Russia seems to have a $2 Trillion surplus. And millions of acres of oil and timber and other resources in high demand worldwide. Ronnie added $3 trillion plus all the interest it incurred to our National Debt to build up our military might. Because Russia was a godless and evil country. And oh, by the way Russia still has many more nuclear warheads and sophisticated delivery systems than we do. Way to go, Ronnie. 

So how about the rogue country North Korea? Doesn’t it make for a much graver danger to the world and the United States than Iran? Haven’t they proven that and shown the world what it is capable of? What, no oil? I see.

If we attack Iran won’t the French get involved to protect their oil interests there? And what about China and their stake in Iranian oil? Are we planning the final roll of the dice before Armageddon comes and strangles the whole world? Does anybody care about perhaps the legacy of survivors in a world encrusted in nuclear fallout from WW III? Do we really believe that if we continue on this course that anyone will win? Oh well, as ee Cummings once wrote: 

nobody loses all the time (X) by E. E. Cummings

“nobody loses all the time

my Uncle Sol
had a skunk farm but
the skunks caught cold and
died so
my Uncle Sol imitated the
skunks in a subtle manner

or by drowning himself in the watertank
but somebody who'd given my Unde Sol a Victor
Victrola and records while he lived presented to
him upon the auspicious occasion of his decease a
scrumptious not to mention splendiferous funeral with
tall boys in black gloves and flowers and everything and

i remember we all cried like the Missouri
when my Uncle Sol's coffin lurched because
somebody pressed a button
(and down went
my Uncle

and started a worm farm)”

Maybe ee was right. If you listen carefully you can hear the Military Industrial Complex Ike warned us about licking its chops.