Fox News Dissected by a Famous REAL Wellness Pioneer

I just read an interesting, highly critical assessment of Fox "News," though it was written quite some time ago. The author is someone whose body of work I very much admire. This highly regarded commentator described the "fair and balanced" network as a "sewer of bad news, of slander and of all base and unpleasant things." Harsh - yes, but justified in my opinion. Better than any critics on the Left or elsewhere, my hero seemed to accurately identify the effects of misinformation and poison that the oligarchs and Right Wing fundamentalists at Fox release on a daily basis. 

It may seem harsh to some but I could give examples of all the charges leveled. Perhaps you could, as well. Paraphrasing, here is the entirety of the Fox News critique by my REAL wellness role model. 

They seem to know every mean thing that has been said against those who do not embrace the regressive and strident agenda or the Right. They know where your party is losing, and the other is making gains. They believe every story against the interests of the opposition and distrust any defense. They display a stupid candor, that is, they always believe the statement of their allies and never suspect anything coming from their side. Nothing pleases them so much as horrible news concerning a good man not of their camp and they never deny a lie in their favor. They always find fault with the one side and favor with the other. They are frightfully anxious that all candidates should stand well with their perspectives, and perceive only the virtues of their allies. They search every nook and corner of their conscience to find a reason for deserting a principle. They expect that in moments of victory the opposition will be magnanimous, while in defeat they repeat prophecies made after the event. They regard the reputation of the other as common prey for all the vultures, hyenas and jackals and take a sad pleasure in the misfortunes of their critics. They forget principles to gratify their friends and slander their enemies. They expect forgiveness for their malingering while slandering those of different views. 

These words were written in the 1890's by Robert Green Ingersoll, the great American orator in a piece called "Fool Friends." No, it was not about Fox News. However, I thought of Fox when I read "Fool Friends," so thought I'd see how well the criticism of such friends applied to the network. It does seem to fit our times for that purpose. 

If he were around today doing what he did then, I think Ingersoll would target this dreadful propaganda ministry. He might try to shame it into reforms or, more likely, give speeches that would turn off the some of the enthusiasm of its easily deluded follows. 

That's my take on Fox, in any case.


Donald B. Ardell is the Well Infidel.  He favors evidence over faith, reason over revelation and meaning and purpose over spirituality.  His enthusiasm for reason, exuberance and liberty are reflected in his books (14), newsletter (569 editions of a weekly report) and lectures across North America and a dozen other countries. Write Don at