America is almost equally divided. One party is totally partisan while the other still tries to get along, compromise, build consensus and display some sort of civility. Which do you suppose is winning dominance in the universe of politics?

Here is another nugget: When a group speaks with one voice and does not allow dissenting voices, it wins in general. That is a fact of life, albeit an ugly one. Remember Ronald Reagan's Eleventh Commandment? "Thou shalt not speak ill of fellow Republicans." (Except if you're George Bush in the 2000 South Carolina Primary undermining John McCain with the black-baby rumor.) Well, the party faithful not only adhere to that fundamental, they excommunicate any member that strays. It's rock solid.

Lock-step party loyalty has what effect on this country? ANSWER: Gridlock and decline. However, it is the one ingredient that guarantees political success for Republicans no matter the scandal, no matter the ignorance. It is the factor leading to fascism. It is the characteristic most similar to the Nazis which spoke with one voice, marched lockstep behind its leader, and did not permit outsiders in the public forum. Democrats were banned from the public square in what year? ANSWER: 1933 Germany. The parallels are real.

I realize comparisons to Nazi Germany are now politically incorrect – especially from the element most analogous. But the comparison, in this sense, is justifiably correct.

Right-wingers forgive their own however egregious the transgression. But they never forgive outsiders, even for alleged crimes which later prove false and only hatched by some smear-master. In keeping with that distinctive, will they in time forgive birthers for fabricating the Obama-not-born-in-US lies? You betcha. More outrageously, they will continue to cling to the lie. Just like they do the no-global-warming on the 6,000 year-old-earth.

Jimmy Swaggart's crocodile tears were accepted by his followers as a token of repentance, and the Republican base is one and the same. Leaders of their flock only have to pretend to repent on Sunday to continue sinning on Monday, ad infinitum.

When shooting his Texas bud in the face, Dick Cheney could have done worse by killing the poor sap. Whichever. He would have been forgiven. Why? He's one of them. They always forgive their own – overlooking any fault, major or minor.

Wide Stance Larry finished his Senate term without a hitch (no pun intended). John Ensign and David Vitter still hold their jobs despite a $100,000 bribe and $3,000 hookers. All forgiven.

But Republicans are determined to investigate the hell out of Obama, ACORN, Freddie Mac / Fannie Mae, and Barney Frank (no-brainer of choices).

Barack Obama’s defense of a mosque near Ground Zero will never be forgiven, although what he said was consistent with American values. Why does the right continue to hold it against the President? He's not one of "them" plus his skin is a shade darker. Confederates still screech, “Hell, no! We ain’t forgittin’“ Although the Civil War was 150 years ago, rebs still hold a grudge. Guess what? They’re the same people that constitute the Republican Party today.

Friends, we are now in the AGE OF PARTISANSHIP. The nation is in gridlock; little progress can be made for the betterment of America and the world. Congress, controlled by the lock-step crowd, will never betray its pledge to represent the wealthy class and weapons industries to the detriment of everyone and everything else.

The parties differ in two principal ways: (1) PERCEPTION and (2) KILLER INSTINCT.


Republicans see in black and white with no shades between while Democrats view a world of diverse colors – so blended one cannot distinguish one hue from another. Republicans perceive Democrats as godless evil socialists ready to destroy this country if given the chance, and Democrats perceive Republicans as fellow sojourners sitting politely around a negotiating table bargaining in good faith. Republicans hate the opposing party, and Democrats want Republicans to like them so much, they’re willing to concede their core principles for a little camaraderie. Republicans focus on enemies; Democrats value friends.

Their perceptions are opposite.

Republicans see nations of the world as potential enemies while Democrats see them as potential friends. Republicans are absolutists while Democrats are abstractionists. Neither see in 20/20. Both have forms of defective vision; one far-sighted, the other near-sighted. In a nutshell, that’s the problem.


Republicans own a killer instinct; Democrats don’t. Republicans are willing to win at any cost, including election fraud and lying the nation to war. Democrats don’t. Republicans are like a football team that pays off the refs to stay home; Democrats play crocket – only they have soft mallets to safeguard against injury.

Republicans roll out an assault rifle and blow the living shit out of anyone/anything they classify enemy. Democrats just roll their eyes.

Obama sees the partisan struggle differently than the Progressive base which elected him. His overall view is like his familiar Senate-setting where distinguished members debate in civil tones and all legislation is passed by compromise. Obama’s eyesight is about as skewed as Republicans’.

Whereas Bush held a firm determination to undermine labor, ignite wars, and pander to the wealthy, Obama holds no such fortitude to reverse the injury of the former. However, his determination is directed toward compromise and consensus. Whereas Bush was courageously ignorant, Obama is timidly intelligent. The outcome is almost as bad under Obama – since he has no practical will to repair the damage and set America on a progressive course – like he promised so aggressively during the 2008 campaign.

In a tournament, if one contender has a killer instinct and is ready to win by any means including eliminating his opponent and the other contestant is passive and desires to end an amiable competition with a handshake and a smile, which do you suppose wins?

Republican schools hand out lots of failing grades, few passing; Democratic schools issue everyone a gold star – even to those absent who never completed their homework. Both are wrong. Democrats are soccer moms that don’t keep score because they don’t want anybody to lose. Republicans pay the referees to let their kids win.

Democrats would like to outlaw dodge ball; Republicans would like to make the balls concrete.

Obama pictures himself as an American Nelson Mandela – a hero struggling to patch the racial divide – bringing Republicans and Democrats together to find solutions by appeasement and compromise. Obama knows not his enemies.

In the real world, it’s KILL or BE KILLED. Idealists would like for it to be otherwise, but it isn’t. And, so, America finds itself on the road to fascism, similar to the German experience where the Weimar Republic (Democrats) paved the Autobahn to Nazism (Republicans).

The national scene sickens me. Where’s reality and practicality?