In 2000 Rove was running John Ashcroft’s senate campaign in Missouri. Ashcroft lost to a dead man. Because his opponent, Mel Carnahan, died in a small plane crash just before the election. Karl Rove claims he had nothing to do with the freak accident.

But he was counting on Ashcroft’s triumph due to Carnahan’s unforeseen misfortune. Afterward Rove suggested to Dubya that he appoint Ashcroft as Attorney General to compensate for his losing the Senate seat. “Let the eagles soar.”

In 2002 Rove was advising Norm Coleman for the senate race in Minnesota against Paul Wellstone. Coleman won against  former Vice-President Walter Mondale because Wellstone was killed in a small plane crash just before the election for which Mondale was swiftly appointed as his party’s replacement. Karl Rove claims he had nothing to do with the freakish accident but was delighted at the win.

What are the odds that two candidates for Senate die in mysterious small plane crashes just before their elections where their opponent’s advisor is one and the same: Karl Rove?

Rove was the chief advisor in the selling of the Iraq War to Americans. He was successful in deceiving the nation into believing Iraq had WMD which it was preparing to use against the U.S.

Rove’s machinations go back several decades. He was identified as “Bush’s Brain” for good reason.

The outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame was one of Karl Rove’s masterpieces.

There would have not been a President George W. Bush had it not been for Karl Rove, “Turdblossom” or “Bush’s Brain.” Neither would there have been an Iraq War and possibly no 9/11, Afghanistan War, 2008 Crash and the ensuing financial meltdown which we suffer to this day.

Karl Rove currently spearheads voter suppression in dozens of states, works with ALEC and Republican governors and legislators to get voter ID laws on the books before November 6 so he can steal elections en mass once more. In fact, if Rove was out of the picture, there’d be no Governors Walker, Kasich, Corbett, LePage, Daniels, Scott, Snyder, and McDonnell. There’d be no CITIZENS UNITED. There’d be no Crossroads GPS where billionaires, like Rove’s pals the Koch brothers, funnel billions into defeating Democrats, unions, and working folk. Rove is also on FOX’s payroll.

The Obama administration assumed Karl Rove would just fade away after the Bush-Cheney exodus. Eric Holder determined it unnecessary for the Justice Department to investigate and indict Rove for corrupting the system, firing prosecutors for refusing to go after Democrats, violating the HATCH Act, exposing CIA agents, and a long list of other treasonous defilements.


Instead of pursuing Karl Rove in the Governor Don Siegelman incident, Eric Holder chose to support the government’s case against Siegelman. Eric Holder should be fired as much as Rove should be jailed.

Mike Connell, Rove’s IT guru, was scheduled to testify against Karl Rove in the court case of election machine fraud pertaining to the 2004 Ohio election which resulted in Kerry’s loss. The night before Connell was set to testify, a small plane crash killed him. Connell was an expert pilot.

Why is not Karl Rove in prison? ANSWER: Democratic spinelessness.

Ironically, Obama may lose the race because of Rove. Ignorance or naivety is no excuse in this case. Surely they had as much information as we? If Obama wins by millions, yet loses, there’ll be hell to pay: civil unrest.

The current chapter tops the cake. Rove made a Freudian slip that he’d like to see Todd Akin murdered – reminiscent of the Carnahan, Connell and Wellstone tragedies. Where is Eric Holder on this? Why doesn’t the press scream bloody murder?

Bloomberg Businessweek's website reported in late August 2012 that Rove's comment came at a GOP donors' breakfast at the Tampa Club in Florida. The site says Rove quipped to the audience: "We should sink Todd Akin. If he's found mysteriously murdered, don't look for my whereabouts."

Yet the wolf goes free because Democratic leadership doesn’t recognize him as such.

It now appears Obama may be able to win in an electoral landslide thanks to Bill Clinton and a successful convention. But who knows what damage Karl Rove has accomplished? Because nobody in the White House has had the balls to go after him.