In the Interest of Self-Preservation

The day will soon come when political issues that appear so important at this time will fade into obscurity. They will pale in comparison to what’s-to-be. The entire planet will bow in unison to survival of the species.

The most popular cable “news” networks promote a particular political agenda for which the respective viewers are bombarded with such drivel day-in and day-out ad nauseam. Government gridlock and the nation’s schism are products, in large part, of pundit networks.

FOX, of course, has long been recognized as slanted right which obliges it to spin whole-cloth fictional accounts. But MSNBC of late has seemingly joined FOX in that it is majoring on tangential issues soon to be abandoned once the actual, critical needs of the nation and world surface – full-fledged climate change, storms of historic magnitude, escalating poverty and conflict stemming from climate alteration, over-population, and the rising Asian super powers.

In the interest of self-preservation, we must discard the trivial. Perhaps “trivial” may be defined in the eyes of the beholder. But when Mother Nature declares total war on mankind as payback for decades of abuse, leading news items are bound to conform to the needs of a threatened species.

Obama neglected environmental issues for the past five years. Granted, the alternative would have been worse under a McCain or Romney. Yet, Obama turned his head for fear Republicans would collect more ammo.

To Republicans, there is never a good time to bring up environment concerns. The usual excuse is the “economy,” but even when the economy is thriving, they scoff at climate change; most Republicans do not even believe in such.

Leadership is missing for what-will-soon-be constant breaking news. How will America cope with two Katrinas on the Gulf during “average” seasons and two Sandys blasting the Mid-Atlantic? What if 3,000 tornadoes sweep the Midwest and South instead of the average 800 (annual norm prior to 1990)? What if drought eats up our bread basket? These are real predictions by prominent scientists for coming years. Can’t any U.S. leader (besides Al Gore) see around the corner?

For two years, we visited the shrinking glaciers in Glacier National Park. We saw first-hand the damage. Not one glacier will be left in the park in eight years. Sarah Palin sees the damage in Alaska but would never admit it. Her dogma outweighs reality.

While Rome burned, Nero fiddled. While the world succumbs to climate change, U.S. leaders argue over where to sit at the debate table. They argue whether climate change is real while chunks break off Greenland the size of New England states.

There will be no one left to forgive them once the process accelerates past the point-of-no-return. A 12-month fault-finding congressional commission will be senseless.

Meanwhile, the right is still consumed by their culture of eccentricities. Gun-worship, God-delusion and gay-hate are the three pillars of the war-passion cult. A war against Iran is a gift in their view. Ditto North Korea. No valid cause; a false flag is enough, any pretext built on fixing the intelligence around the policy. Lying the country into a war costing $3 trillion and thousands of lives is no problem to war-lovers. Only when a black President steps in does the debt and deficit become issues.

The U.S. can’t even register guns to lawful owners or conduct background checks. It can’t even pass a reasonable immigration bill, nor a budget that works for the nation’s best interest. We are blocked by the Republican Party at every turn. So, what will happen when Mother Earth’s s—t hits the fan?

In the interest of self-preservation, Barack Obama and the U.S. Government must change course. Immediately. The Atlantic lapping over Manhattan will indicate it’s too late.