What If Reagan Had Warned of Climate Change?

Record-breaking heat across the states this summer invites a retrospective question: What if a conservative, like Reagan or some other revered rightwinger, had prophesied climate change before Gore had a chance to be crowned forerunner? Before Al became their object of derision with climate science butchered as collateral damage, what if a Reagan or even one of the Bushes had sounded the alarm? From the day climatologists (i.e., “intellectuals”) and Democrats (i.e., reviled “liberals”) heralded the cause, Republicans, rather than getting onboard to solve the crisis, have dismissed climate change as a hoax perpetrated by the left to influence redistribution of wealth.


The issue isn’t climate change, but conservative insolence. Unless they think of it, it can’t be done (or won’t be allowed to go forward in any practical manner). And even if they originally propose ideas (if the left agrees and attempts to follow through as the right advises initially), Republicans reverse course forthwith.

The nation’s crumbling condition is a casualty of rightwing immaturity coupled with leftwing passivity.

Nothing of crucial importance can be solved in America today due to the right’s spoiled-child syndrome. This statement sums up why the nation is sliding into the Third World and why the world speeds to catastrophe. Republicans today are children unwilling to play fairly with others while vandalizing the playground if not granted full control. If not leading, they’re destroying.

It was interesting one day at the dentist’s to observe a mother and her young son. Two seats were empty: a bigger chair for an adult and a smaller one child-size. Immediately, the spoiled son impulsively flung himself into the bigger seat, then threw a loud tantrum when his mother asked him to move. Mom (the Democrat) finally gave in and squatted awkwardly into the little seat, almost breaking it in the process. (Moral: Conciliatory Democrats reinforce bad behavior on the right which leads to the worst possible outcome for all.)

That’s the current picture of America and how Obama has repeatedly attempted to appease the spoiled child at the expense of the country’s best interests. Republicans will never cooperate but are willing to sacrifice the country for control. Their constant refrain is “Party and politics above people.”

Why don’t’ we have the Dream Act? Why can’t jobs bills be passed? Why no practical, affordable health care system like other industrialized nations? Why do we pay more than any other nation and get less? Why is the government in total gridlock and the country reeling from a bad economy?

These are actually questions with one simple answer: rightwing obstruction. If the spoiled brat can’t get its way, it’ll throw a tantrum and destroy the whole playground.

All Democratic presidents are demonized, no matter what race, sex or regional background. Clinton was scoffed as a barefoot hick from Arkansas until they found ammo in womanizing – enough to impeach. (As if they never indulge in similar secret escapades.) Obama has dark skin. The right doesn’t need much more than that to inflame bigots, their base. The lies about the man never cease.

If Hillary would have been elected, anti-women themes and chain emails would be floating around about the first female president (and will, as soon as she’s elected in 2016). These are trademarks of the Republican Party’s never-ending campaign. It’s war, actually. They exist to destroy, not construct. Thus, America is caught in the crossfire. Banana Republic USA is not far away.

Meanwhile, it gets hotter and hotter with no relief in sight. Obama’s hands are tied. Congress is just a sounding board for religious fruitcakes (hypocrites) and fake patriots that can only pass meaningless, repetitive resolutions. Republicans had rather see the nation lose than Obama win. He gets credit for nothing good, blame for all bad. They openly promise to sabotage the economy as part of their campaign.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell reaffirmed recently, “The Republican Party’s number one goal is to deny Barack Obama a second term.” How more straightforward can it get?

The only tool to accomplish this is economic sabotage, meaning damage to America. How patriotic is that? Republicans attempted similar in the Great Depression with FDR. If only Democrats studied the past. Republicans historically are partisan schoolyard bullies. That should be uppermost in Democrats’ minds when dealing with them.

Maybe if one of their own would have suggested solutions for climate change, more would have been done. Perhaps we’d be on the road to saving the planet. Only the spoiled brat can lead America. Otherwise, he ruins it for everybody. Republicans can’t play second fiddle.

On the other hand, the problem becomes more than climate change, fabricated wars, deficits, or a depressed economy. It’s a singular crisis brought on by poor attitudes and mythical world views.

The child needs an ass whoopin’, and the weak mother that caves into every one of the child’s selfish fits of rage needs some serious corrective action. If that doesn’t work, progressive punitive action should be issued (including suspension, then removal).

It’s simple, really.