Passionless Performance

Just wait for the next debate. Just wait for Romney to make another gaffe. Just wait until Mitt’s tax returns are uncovered by Larry Flynt. There’s got to be an ‘October surprise’ in there somewhere. Maybe Iran?

Seems we are forever waiting for some silver bullet to project the Obama campaign into a big enough landslide to pull the House back into the blue. After all, to eradicate gridlock, the government requires nothing less. One side or the other must take all. For sure, we can’t wait on the candidate himself to generate the necessary magic, considering his first performance.

What was his hang-up that night?

Several explanations are floating around. I have some of my own about as plausible.  Of course, none of these theories will matter if the remaining debates prove successful for Obama. Or not.

However, we painfully revisited the side of Barack Obama that eroded much of the progressive base since 2008.  His overwhelming willingness to make concessions, his urgency to compromise, and his unquenchable eagerness to appease those committed to his destruction make him not a peacemaker but a fool. Blatant falsehoods went unchallenged. Opportunities were ignored. The self-imposed priority – whatever strategy that was – muffled truth to power. Romney disgraced the President with his “boy” insult, a delicious dish for his righteous, racist base.

Throwing out red meat to the right was important enough for Romney to include in the debate. Energizing the base clearly was the intent to subtly refer to Barack Obama as a “boy.” But why didn’t the President respond?

The throbbing reality is Obama makes concessions that don’t hurt him but everyone he represents. He’ll go on to join the prestigious “Presidents’ Club” whether or not he blows this election – while we suffer under the consequence of his failure. His successor or the never-ending gridlock paralyzing the nation will punish the left as promised. America may not able to survive the next civil war now in the incubation stage.

Obama may have not had fight left in him for several reasons we can only guess.


Economists claim a recession is certain if Congress and the White House don’t work out a deal by January. And it may be that a major recession is inevitable regardless of a settlement or not. President Obama probably has been advised of this outcome and does not want to be in office when the proverbial crap hits the fan.


Republicans realized a “Hail Mary Pass” would be necessary to throw the election to Romney. So, they secretly threatened Obama with hard evidence of infidelity while he was a State Senator in Illinois. If true, Obama knows this would not only wreck his presidency in a second term, but his marriage. Karl Rove and a whole list of rightwing operatives would be delighted to place Obama in such a pickle. They’ve done it before; why not now?


Israel is close to launching an attack on Iran and expects its big benefactor to enthusiastically join in. But Obama doesn’t agree. He realizes a war against Iran would produce much worse consequences than the Iraq and Afghanistan operations.


Barack and Michelle remember the good ol’ days of obscurity – when hardly anyone knew them and they could walk around the mall freely and speak without every word being scrutinized and scrubbed. Obama yearns for those days, but they’re unreachable so long as he’s President. So, his mind drifts…

These are only theories as to why he performed poorly. Who knows? Maybe his debate coach, John Kerry, didn’t prep him properly. Why did the President keep his head down, staring at notes? What was he thinking? Did he not realize 70 million Americans were watching?

Now we face a continuation of government paralysis, thanks to his poor performance. He may squeak by, but dozens of Democratic candidates won’t. Without coat tails, they lose. And so do we all. Thanks, President Obama. Hope you get what you want.