Column no. 49 By Steven Jonas, MD, MPH - February 24, 2005

Junkie:  Dr. Jonas published this article on Junkie Editor Michael Carmichael’s wonderful website, The Moving Planet Blog.


Our Editor/Publisher Michael Carmichael has just published the item next below on The Iran War, beginning:

Seymour Hersh and Scott Ritter have reported that the US planning for the Iran War is reaching a very advanced stage. George Bush has already approved a June launch, when the bombing will target strategic sites inside Iran.

And continuing: ". . . the Defense Department is now revising military plans for a maximum ground and air invasion of the oil-rich nation."

Right above the notice of Michael's item in my email inbox was the daily bulletin from the Washington Post, which contained this lead item:

Army Having Difficulty Meeting Recruiting Goals

The active-duty Army is in danger of failing to meet its recruiting goals, and is beginning to suffer from manpower strains like those that have dropped the National Guard and Reserves below full strength, according to Army figures and interviews with senior officers.

(By Ann Scott Tyson, The Washington Post)

The Georgite maxi-Imperialists must know this. The US will have no where near enough ground forces for any sort of ground invasion. It cannot hold its own against guerrillas in Iraq, much less the large, well organized and well-equipped Army it would be facing in Iran. It could very well face mass rebellion in the ranks of the Reserves and National Guard, and even the regular forces, including some high-ranking officers (many of whom opposed the Iraq invasion, at last at the panned level). Does this mean that they are planning to go nuclear?

Yes, folks. That's what I said. The end of civilization as we know it may be closer than most of us think.