Mom gave me some wise words of advice back in the day: “Son, when you hitch up, you not only marry the gal but her whole family.”

America could marry the new guy in the fall due to its disillusionment with the 44th. Romney might seem a reasonable alternative to Barack Obama to some. But they’re not looking at the big picture: his asshole GOP family that goes along with the deal. Is the baggage of kookiness and religiosity worth it? The appropriate bumper sticker should read: “Elect Mitt, get shit.”

When GW came to office, the incoming White House was packed with gun-lovers and religious zealots – a recipe for bad government and fabricated wars (not to mention the contribution of the village idiot himself with his psychopath partner leading the insane). We’re still suffering from that disastrous mistake.

Imagine a Secretary of State John Bolton, a Secretary of Defense Stanley McChrystal, a Treasury Secretary Darrell Issa, and a new faith-based cabinet post with Rick Santorum as its first czar – “Handmaid’s Tale” comes to mind. Imagine a Press Secretary Sarah Palin struggling to respond to the simplest of questions. (Did she finally discover Russia?) Now, imagine a Vice-President Bob McDonnell or cute-boy Marco Rubio.

Supreme Court nominees would be required to pass an anti-abortion litmus test – advanced to anti-contraception in recent days due to the party’s swing further right – anti-masturbation laws next? Imagine new justices to the right of Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas. Imagine further Citizens United cases where all control is delivered to the most powerful plutocrats and corporations.

The Kochs would be inaugurated hand-in-hand with the kooks. America would enter the realm of a mix between plutocracy and theocracy. One would dictate our finances – keeping us in abject poverty – while the other would dictate our religion – keeping us in abject subjugation to ignorant, ancient myth. The Dominionists will have won.

Obsession with guns and religion is why Americans vote against their own best interests – as Obama correctly stated in ‘08. But one other ingredient influences them in addition to this fixation: PROPAGANDA. They cling to the false because they’re fed the false. Not only is FOX broadcasting lies, but so are right radio and thousands of so-called “Christian” pastors and televangelists. It’s truly a national cult. And it’s a steady drumbeat – especially down South. The religious right and contemporary conservatives accept lies not only because they’re served, but because they’re predispositioned. Propaganda is only popular among those inclined to receive such. Inert bias leads to the embrace of falsehoods.

“They shall believe a lie and be damned.” – 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12

Naturally, gas prices and the economy may determine our destiny. Why? Because many Americans can’t see beyond the price at the pump. They can’t see the excess baggage coming with the alternative. Bush and the Republicans wrecked our economy and sent us into needless wars costing $3 trillion. Romney and the Republicans want finish the job. Oh, how much does the GOP baggage love their fake wars and fake religion! Oh, that the world was flat!

Afghanistan is exploding. Troops were uneducated how to handle Muslin holy books, and now we see unquestionably how useless and shallow Bush’s #1 war was. (Of course, Obama conceded by continuing the war for political advantage.) Israel probably will pull its big ally into a quagmire that could lead Obama to defeat – both in the election and abroad. And Syria could affect energy prices to a measure due to its proximity.

These are the factors driving America. Either we re-elect Obama despite his flaws and weaknesses or we allow the other guy to replace him who’ll do much worse due to whom and what he brings with him. Voters should have recognized the baggage onstage for 20 freaking “debates.” How dumbed-down are we?

How comfortable is America letting the demolition crew back in the White House?