When the Shoe's on the Other Foot 2111

In the year 2111, Brazil invades the United States. Presidente Jorque Arbusto gathers cherry-picked information from private intelligence that deliberately fabricates reports the U.S. has reconstituted its weapons of mass destruction program and is an imminent threat to Brazil, its Latin neighbors, and interests in the hemisphere

Brazil is the world’s’ super-power in 2111; the United Nations is headquartered in Sao Paula, the commercial center of the globe. And thus Presidente Jorque Arbusto assumes he can dictate to the world, cancel international agreements on a whim, and consume the remaining resources of the dying planet.

The U.S. has declined steadily since its permanent takeover by the Republican Party in the 21st century. China is vanquished by over-population and depleted resources, not to mention the lethal cloud of pollution hanging over its cities stemming from unrestrained industry. India suffers a similar fate. So, Brazil assumes world leadership.

Thus, Jorque Arbusto sets up a counterfeit “Coalition of the Willing” to attack the U.S. – except the U.N. doesn’t agree with the despot. In response, Arbusto bribes 30 postage stamp countries, including PagoPago, Guyana and Fiji, to go along with the plot – in name only, of course, since they have no military but are only placed on the list to cover Arbusto’s ass. However, it costs the Brazilian treasury in billions of Reals to bribe the “willing.”

The United States in the year 2111 is a retired empire – without much of a navy and no air force to defend itself. When the economy sinks, so does its capacity to wage war and maintain hundreds of military bases world-wide. But unlike the waning British Empire, the U.S. does not have commonwealth daughter nations to fall back on.

The reason the U.S. has no air defense is because Republican President Jeff Bush, great-grandson of George H.W., invades Cuba in 2098 which triggers retaliation from U.N. member nations which impose a “no-fly” zone from Miami to Seattle / Boston to San Diego.

Decades of decline classifies America with other faded empires of history, like Rome, Greece and Babylon. The rust belt stretches across the continent.

Yet Presidente Jorque Arbusto sees an opportunity. The farm-rich land of America is still the envy of the world with its fertile soil and lush forests. The Amazon rain forest is depleted, and the formerly abundant farmland carved from jungles is drained of nutrients. So, Arbusto creates an impression in the minds of Brazilians of a dangerous, gathering threat from a great northern empire.

But to energize the Brazilian people, Dictator Arbusto must lie about America and its leader, President Jeff Bush [who remains in office due to repeal of the 22nd Amendment which was only created by Republicans for the Roosevelt administration 170 years before]. Arbusto must remind Brazil that Bush killed his own people. But conveniently he neglects to tell them it was 16 years before and it was with Brazilian chemicals that Bush gassed 5,000 Mormons. Arbusto must call attention to America’s violations of U.N. resolutions – although 12 other countries do the same or worse, including Brazil and Dominican Republic, which has been a thorn in the side of its Caribbean neighbors

The final ultimatum is given. U.S. President Jeff Bush must resign within 48 hours or face a “shock and awe” bomb raid. Brazil’s military is deployed for invasion. The scheme is drawn seven years earlier, but few Brazilians are aware of plans by a secretive “think-tank” to make Brazil a world empire, written by a small group of militant hardliners which is aptly named the “PROJECT FOR A NEW BRAZILIAN CENTURY” (PNBC). Ulterior motives are concealed so citizens may not realize their real aims are empire and acquisition of soil.

Brazil’s chief ally is Portugal, the Mother Country, whose leader Presidente Antonio Blaro is considered Arbusto’s lap-Chihuahua in the grand plot. Blaro fails integrity but has a helluva command of the King’s Portuguese. He serves as Jorque’s spokesman.

Like lightning, Brazil’s superior military sweeps America. They destroy its historical artifacts, like the Alamo, Williamsburg, Statue of Liberty and Independence Hall, while protecting its food processing plants and land. Presidente Arbusto proclaims to the world, “Some say this is a war for SOIL, but I say to you, we come to make AMERICA FREE!”

Conveniently, he neglects to mention there are no WMDs and no connection to terrorists which did a job on Cristo Redentor overlooking Rio de Janeiro. Jorque Arbusto makes a grand photo op a few days later on the Aircraft Carrier Jose de San Martin and proclaims: “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Major combat operations in America are over!” Uniformed loyalists cheer while liberals back home jeer.

President Jeff Bush is caught months later hiding in a spider hole near the little town of Tea Creek. Presidente Arbusto proclaims on Brazilian TV, “We got him! The fighting will now subside because we have caught the evil ruler, Jeff Bush. We have come to LIBERATE America and to FREE its people. Because of my leadership, Brazil and its Latin brothers & sisters are now freer and safer.”

But the violence does not subside but increases by the day. The people of America do not see the Brazilians as “LIBERATORS” but as “OCCUPIERS.”

Jorque Arbusto goes on TV once more to label all resisters in America as “terrorists,” “evildoers,” and “insurgents.” which must be stomped out in order to liberate the 400 million Americans. He boldly states, "Anyone not with me is with the terrorists and evildoers." He invokes the name of "God" to energize the religious majority in Brazil. Jorque claims "God" ordered him to bomb Washington to make a "shock and awe" show for Americans so they'd be "softened up" for surrender.

Then he contradicts himself by asserting the conflict arises from “foreign terrorists” slipping over the Canadian border. In doing so, he places tight sanctions on Canada (his next war target, put on the list by the PNBC 7 years prior).

Arbusto goes further and classifies the Geneva Conventions “obsolete” and “irrelevant.” He orders intel interrogators to disregard international law. All prisoners are assumed to be “terrorists” and as such are granted no legal rights to an attorney and trials – only indefinite detentions at undisclosed locations where they are tortured and murdered at will. A few hundred Americans are locked up at the island prison of Fernando de Noronha, 350 miles from Brazil in the Atlantic, with no hope of justice or escape.

A few tokens are prosecuted for torture to appease Brazilian liberals – but only low-ranking enlistees, none of the top brass which are granted unconditional immunity. The ones ordering the torture are never investigated, much less prosecuted, because the directive originates from Presidente Arbusto himself. Young soldiers, barely past their teens, are sent to prison for Arbusto’s war crimes.

The Red Cross issues a protest and reports that 90% of the prisoners are innocent of any crime. Among the prisoners are American teenage boys and girls who are routinely stripped naked and raped at will by their Brazilian captors. Some prisoners are strung up with electric wires and dragged around the floor with leashes; while others are attacked by dogs.

The Americans who carry arms and resist invasion now are branded “insurgents” and “terrorists.” Their religion is belittled and blasphemed by the “liberators” determined to pry information from them as they stand for hours naked. Interrogators urinate on Bibles and mock Protestant pastors to provoke detainees. When Americans retaliate against the invaders, they are condemned. But no justice comes to the true perpetrators of prison abuse – originating from the Palácio do Planalto in Brasilia.

U.S. citizens cry foul, “Jeff Bush is caught and soon to be hung, so what’s your problem? We thought when you got him that’s all you wanted – regime change.”

But Jorque Arbusto is determined to “stay the course” and straighten out America, reform its government to conform to Brazil’s, and maintain a permanent military presence in the Northern Hemisphere to prevent other insurgents from regaining power.

Meanwhile, Brazil sees America as the nation that fostered a major terrorist attack against Rio de Janeiro two years earlier – although it is proven America had nothing to do with it. But Jorque Arbusto exploits Brazil’s ignorance and fear by invading a nation that has much mineral wealth and soil.

Most of the world recognizes the folly, but a sizable portion of Brazil doesn’t, primarily because they’re brainwashed by their rightwing TV network NOTICIARIO REPOSA. They remain loyal in the face of the resulting financial collapse and national shame.

Arbusto finally leaves office and is succeeded by Barrioto Obamio – who does nothing to investigate and prosecute the war crimes of his predecessor.

Now.... put yourself in the shoes of the Iraqis and Afghans. How would you feel if America was invaded and occupied for several years by a foreign power and our citizens subjected to indiscriminate torture and murder all because a two-bit dictator 7,000 miles away lied his nation to war for personal gain?

“In as much as you’ve done to the least of these, you’ve done unto me.” – Jesus Christ