The contradiction could not be more distinct. Jesus welcoming little children to be fed, clothed, comforted and housed. Republican rightwing “Christians” rejecting thousands of needy children, demanding deportation without even essential provisions – in direct violation of the law signed by George W. Bush in 2008. But, more importantly, in direct violation of Jesus’ precepts.

The so-called “Christian” religious right is the driving force behind the Republican Party. Therefore, the party’s voice echoes what the base is saying at the grass-roots level. In unanimity it responds, “These aren’t American kids, so get them the hell out!”

“But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 19:14

The Republicans of Jesus’ time, the Pharisees, were dead-set against caring for the needy children, the sick and the outcast. Not much has changed in 2,000 years.

When a church or religion clearly contradicts its founder’s key values, no longer can it rightfully display the leader’s name. By adopting openly anti-Christ stands, so-called “Christians” should change their name to “ians” or “anti-Christians,” or “antichrist” (for short).

In a way, the election of Barack Obama was a similar test for evangelical “Christians.” Would they reject him because of his color / party affiliation? Or would they honor and respect him – as they would and should every US President? Their test scores are in and they’ve failed miserably. The election of Obama was more like scraping an old scab that’s been trying to heal for 170 years. Yep, the very idea of a President Barack Obama (AKA “Black”) ripped the scab off that old sore. The historic fault line still lives; reaction to Obama’s presidency is proof that the big crack is far from dormant. Tremors from the ancient fault are shaking America – reviving old hatred and Civil War rivalries. (“By God, the South will rise again!”)

Obama’s hands were tied from Day One, and the source of obstructive suppression was the resurrected Confederacy with its deep hatred and fear for all not white. Of course, fragments of Southern thinking crept into the North and West to finish the absolute gridlock afflicting the nation. As was plotted from the very beginning of his terms, the Republicans have succeeded in derailing his time in office – and in derailing Obama, they’ve derailed the nation. (“Collateral damage? So what? Just so Obama is destroyed.”) Obama’s “lame-duck” session began January 2009, not in 2014.

The deliberate, total lies distributed about the man were embraced and gleefully re-distributed only because the “base” (the religious right) was so inclined to believe / perpetrate such, due to its unrepentant latent racism. Instead of respecting the President, they demonized him – making him out to be an antichrist – so other like-minds bound by mythology would receive the image and, in turn, release their unjustified fury against Obama. They fabricated lies he wasn’t born here, that he was a secret Muslim, that he was a closeted gay that snorted coke and fraternized with terrorists. The lies conflicted with one another. It made no difference. The right was determined to believe wrong.

Now come the little children, another test of true Christianity.

Where are the drives and campaigns from white churches across the country to at least feed and temporarily house these little ones? Why aren’t Republicans proposing a plan to assist Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras – where Reagan’s death squads were funded by millions from illegal Iranian money back in the 80s? No, Republicans with their religious right base are more interested in bombs, guns and violence than constructive actions that, in contrast, have excellent long-term returns. Hypocrites all.

More failing grades could spell trouble ahead. Mid-term 2014 is just another corner, another test.