Michael Faulkner


Mike Faulkner is a British citizen. He lives in London where for many years he taught history and political science at Barnet College, until his retirement in 2002. He has written a two-weekly column,  Letter from the UK,for TPJ Magazine since 2008. Over the years his articles have appeared in such publications as Marxism Today, Monthly Review and China Now. He is a regular visitor to the United Sates where he has friends and family in New York City.

Recent Essays by Michael Faulkner, Letter from the UK

TPJ Magazine

By Michael Faulkner - 04.13.14

The first difficulty encountered when trying to cut through the tangled mass of misinformation, omission and downright lies that has been presented as serious reporting about Ukraine, Russia, and Crimea in most of the British media, is to know where to begin. Anyone interested in getting at the truth should have learned long ago not to expect any serious historical perspective or any interest in balance or consistency in the pronouncements of leading politicians. Dissembling and peddling propaganda is...


By Michael Faulkner - 03.09.14

Will the centenary of the outbreak of “The Great War” in 1914 turn out to be more than the propagandists of Britain’s heritage industry intended it to be? The indications so far are that we are in for a sentimental, ahistorical nostalgia-fest intended to promote the theme of a “just war” to defend democracy against tyranny, a war which, in spite of its unprecedented slaughter, was not fought in vain. Those who “gave their lives” died in a noble cause. As this commemoration is due to go on for four years there will be opportunities for dissenting voices such as this one, albeit with little access to the mainstream media, to stand against the conformist tide. However much disagreement there is about the First World War- its causes, nature and consequences - one thing is beyond dispute: it was not, as the victors opined in 1918, “the war to end wars”. 

1914 – 2014: One Hundred Years of failure to learn from “The War to End Wars”

By Michael Faulkner - 02.09.14

The government’s promised launch of a four-year long commemoration of World War One kicked off with a salvo from Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove. He set the tone of what we may expect by shooting down the popular TV satirical/historical spoof of the 1980s, “Black Adder”, which parodied several hundred years of British history, culminating in in a final episode with the whole cast “going over the top” to collective annihilation on the western front. He then had a go at Joan Littlewood’s popular musical of the 1960s “Oh What a Lovely War”, which charted the course of the conflict and its impact on the participants through the changing...