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A youthful 72-year-old, Science Junkie is an avid photographer who bicycles, in fair weather, in the mountains of his Southeastern home state. He holds a master's degree in experimental psychology and has done extensive graduate study in the health sciences. Following graduation, he worked for ten years as a full-time psychology instructor at a community college. Later he taught medical and health courses at the university level, was the education coordinator in the college of medicine at one of the largest state universities, and edited the health and fitness section of a major national magazine. He currently writes under a pseudonym because the opinions he expresses, particularly about religion, would cause problems for him and his wife in the conservative region where they live and work. He plans to out himself as a godless liberal after his wife retires. In the meantime, he is committed to doing his best to defend and promote science and reason and to help keep power out of the hands of the proto-fascists who have declared war on just about everything he values.


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My Annual New Year’s Day Cathartic Screed

By Science Junkie – 01.29.15

In response to an online Raw Story article looking back on the craziest Christians of 2014, my friends Dave and Eileen wrote, Yikes!

Which is surely an appropriate way to sum up much of what we heard in 2014 and will be dealing with in the foreseeable future right here in “The Greatest Country on Earth,” aka Dumfukistan (Thanks, Dave!). The religious-right madness is probably headed for a crescendo ere we shuffle off this mortal coil. (As usual, The Bard said it best.) Win or lose in their fanatical crusade, the ...