Donald B. Ardell wrote High Level Wellness: An Alternative to Doctors, Drugs and Disease in 1976 and a dozen books since, his latest being Aging Beyond Belief: 69 Tips For REAL Wellness.. He has produced the WELLNESS REPORT since 1984 - nearly 700 editions are in circulation. The REAL wellness Don promotes is a mindset and lifestyle that celebrates reason, exuberance and liberty, unlike the more common form of wellness featured at worksites that in fact is fake wellness, programming that is medically focused that only seeks to lower health risks. 

REAL wellness is about quality of life - fitness is part of it but so is attention to meaning and purpose, applied ethics, environmental sensitivity, happiness, critical thinking, humor, relationships, play and support for excellence and joy.  

Don once ran for mayor of Tampa as "the oldest, fittest, fastest and prettiest of all the candidates" promising to promote "a well city" that would be 4 F - “fit, functional, free and fun.” (He won in every respect (spent less, made fewer enemies, enjoyed the experience more than the other candidates) save getting the most votes.)

Don runs, bikes and swims regularly.  He has won several national and two world championships. 
He can be reached at 727 471-8091

Recent Essays by Donald B. Ardell -  The Well Infidel

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The Relationship Between Sex, Chocolate and REAL Wellness

By Donald B. Ardell – 04.13.14

Mindful that REAL wellness is a philosophy and lifestyle fashioned over time to promote a healthful existence and a high quality of life guided by reason, exuberance, athleticism and freedom, where, you might wonder, do sex and chocolate fit into this picture?

If you have wondered, well, let me offer a perspective on the matter, one topic at a time. First, lets look at sex.

The Religious Right Does Not Agree that Americans Are Entitled to Freedom from Religion

By Don Ardell - 03.04.14

We have heard talk enough. We have listened to all the drowsy, idealess, vapid sermons that we wish to hear. We have read your Bible and the works of your best minds. We have heard your prayers, your solemn groans and your reverential amens. All these amount to less than nothing. We want one fact. We beg at the doors of your churches for just one little fact. We pass our hats along your pews and under your pulpits and implore you for just one fact. We know all about your mouldy wonders and your stale miracles. We want a this year’s fact. We ask only one. Give us one fact for charity. Your miracles are too ancient. The witnesses have been dead for nearly two thousand years. ~ Robert Green Ingersoll


Nothing Adds Additional Interest to a Toastmaster’s Meeting like Religion, Sex and Politics

By Donald B. Ardell - 02.09.14


Recently, I was asked to go along with a friend to a Toastmasters meeting. Despite a 40-some-year career involving lots of public speaking, I had never been. It’s not that I wasn’t interested. I assumed it would be worthwhile to turn up at a Toastmasters function and learn more about the art and science of public speaking. I’ve long been interested in articles and workshops on this topic and the related focus that Toastmaster’s develops towards...