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Presently residing in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Loren Adams was born in Oklahoma, grew up primarily in California, and lived in twelve states in every region of the U.S.  He attended Central Bible College, Springfield, Missouri; Southeastern University, Lakeland, Florida; and University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas. Adams earned a B.A. in Secondary Education with English and History minors at Southeastern.

In 1988 he wrote and published REFLECTIONS OF GENERATIONS, a history of American families, and in 1990 REMINISCING WITH GRANDDAD. Adams was editor of the union paper RAZORBACK SCHEME for 3 years, local union president (APWU) for 13 years, and Arkansas APWU Vice-President 5 years – a position he now holds. He works for the U.S. Postal Service and supports its continuance as a common, integral communications and delivery function for the nation.

In 2002 Adams formed the progressive political group AmeriVoice which continues. Loren writes for union publications nationally as well as for The Political Junkie (TPJMagazine) twice monthly.

Adams’ background is foundation to topics including politics, religion, labor and history.

Recent Essays

TPJ Magazine

By Loren Adams, 10.20.13

From the pulpit one October ‘92 Sunday morn, Mom’s pastor proclaimed, “A vote for Democrats is a vote against God.” I remember that day well. Mom visited and shared those choice words of divine revelation – right from the preacher’s horse’s mouth.

But the Okmulgee pastor wasn’t alone. Thousands of churches across the country echoed his words. Then millions of their followers, in turn, voted straight-Republican ticket....


By Loren Adams - 06.23.13

“Each to their own” is a softening phrase expected to calm polar opposites engaged in any battle of partisan / religious views of a potentially destructive nature. Religion and politics are man’s favorite, yet most toxic dialogues. Not to be taken lightly, conflicting “R & P” views have resulted in most wars experienced in world history, thus most unnatural, unnecessary deaths/injuries.

By Loren Adams – 06.09.13

Pismo Beach is a picturesque vacation destination for middle-class families of the 1950s. It is here I learn a valuable lesson that endures a lifetime.

Dad is stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base in 1958. So he rents a beachfront apartment for the summer where his family stays after school ends in Bakersfield. We are all excited, naturally.