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By STEVEN JONAS MD, MPH - 04.13.14

Pete Seeger, as almost every reader of these pages will know, passed away at the age of 94 on Jan. 27, 2014. Pete was a great folksinger, explorer of US music, and song writer. In his younger days he was also a great banjo picker, and learned how to play the 12-string guitar (a difficult instrument in its own right) from the legendary Afro-American blues singer Huddie Ledbetter, better known as Leadbelly. He worked with one of the founding US folklorists, Alan Lomax, as well as his with his father, Charles Seeger and his step-mother, Ruth Crawford Seeger (mother of Pete's step-sister, the folk singer Peggy Seeger), also important folk musicologists. And of course he was...

by Loren Adams, 4.13.14

Republican talking points are replete with the phrase “job creators.” These two words are meant to describe Republican oligarchs that supposedly allow their wealth to “trickle down” to the starving masses, like a mother hen feeding worms to her chicks – which are totally dependent on the mother’s instincts and are unable to fend for themselves.

Such is the picture Rove, Luntz and other key party operatives would like to implant on America’s brains.

By Mickey Walker-April 14, 2014

Continuing we find ourselves at Ways #6 and #7.  The next 2 ways are probably the most all-inclusive surefire ways to shoot Democracy and render it dead as a doornail.  And we may never see it coming.

6.  Give up on America

Get a hobby, golf maybe.  The word for today is APATHY.  Distract yourself, your mind, your life’s endeavors, and...

By Conn Hallinan - 04.13.14

There are any number of obstacles that could trip up the nuclear negotiations between Iran and the “P5+1”—the U.S., Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany— but the right to “enrich” nuclear fuel should not be one of them. Any close reading of the 1968 “Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons” (NPT) clearly indicates that, even though the word “enrichment” is not used in the text, all signers have the right to the “peaceful applications of nuclear technology.”

By Michael Faulkner - 04.13.14

The first difficulty encountered when trying to cut through the tangled mass of misinformation, omission and downright lies that has been presented as serious reporting about Ukraine, Russia, and Crimea in most of the British media, is to know where to begin. Anyone interested in getting at the truth should have learned long ago not to expect any serious historical perspective or any interest in balance or consistency in the pronouncements of leading politicians. Dissembling and peddling propaganda is...